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JUL 2018

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32 July 2018 RISMedia's REAL ESTATE Riley; 2018 Vice President of Association Affairs Colleen Badagliacco; 2018 Vice President of Government Affairs Kenny Parcell; and Immediate Past President Bill Brown. From the outset, Goldberg has been in lock-step with this team to put several significant changes in place in the 11 months since he officially became CEO. Why has this team been able to accomplish so much so quickly? For starters, excellent and open communication. "The most critical part of making this work is the amount of communication we have with each other as a leadership team," says Goldberg. "We constantly talk about issues. We don't wait to have monthly meet- ings—we communicate in real-time. The other thing that makes us different is that we're laser-focused on be- ing out with our members and listening. We listen be- fore we talk." Chemistry plays a big role, too. "We have a vari- ety of skill sets among us," says Mendenhall. "That gives us such a broader depth of knowledge. We trust each other and can rely on different people for different tasks." Plus, says Goldberg, "Our leadership team really like each other, and we respect each other's opinions. That goes a long way when you're collectively trying to do the right thing for members. It goes a long way toward mov- ing things forward fast and efficiently." Of course, with rapid change comes discomfort and missteps, especially when those changes impact 1.3 million people. Goldberg, Mendenhall and the lead- ership team have confronted criticism with resilience, however, sticking to their guns when they know decisions are in the best interest of members, and stepping aside when revisions need to be made. Mendenhall eloquently and passionately addressed the difficulties—and the necessity—of change dur- ing her opening remarks at the NAR 360 presentation during May's Legislative Meetings in Washington, D.C.: "Change involves fear," she told the standing-room-only crowd of 2,500. "But we're not divided by hateful com- ments; we're united. We can't be afraid of criticism and comments and missteps. We have to own the responsi- bility of what this association is and what we're doing." According to Mendenhall, much of the criticism aimed at NAR of late boils down to misinformation. "A lot of the pushback is caused by a delay in information and a lack of knowledge," she explains. "The more open we are and the more we talk about where we're headed, the greater insight it gives people. As we continue to do that more and more, members will be pleased, because the changes we're making are the things they've told us they want and need." This commitment to increased, more transparent com- munication among the NAR leadership team and staff and with members is central to NAR's overarching goal to knock down the "ivory tower" and become a truly mem- ber-centric organization. To that end, Goldberg has worked tirelessly to open the channels of communi- cation to brokers, agents and industry partners, per- sonally engaging with more than 10,000 members and industry stakeholders on social media and meeting in person with more than 100 boards and associa- tion executives, as well as directly responding to emails. While the path of open communication and trans- parency hasn't been the easiest one to travel, it's exactly what Goldberg wants. "I wouldn't trade this open and transparent ap- proach for anything," he says. "What comes with it is an opportunity to edu- cate members and, there- fore, they will have an opinion and get engaged. It may not be what we want to hear, but if members are listening and participating, and we have an opportunity to hear what they're saying, that's a good thing. That's the price you pay for transparency, and I say, bring it on." CHANGING FROM WITHIN In order to truly effect change for the membership mass- es, Goldberg knew it meant looking within, as well. "When I became CEO, I talked about my vision for turn- ing the association 'inside out'—for creating a radically member-centric organization. We must become not only the National Association of REALTORS®, but also, more importantly, the National Association for REALTORS®. " "OUR LEADERSHIP TEAM REALLY LIKE EACH OTHER, AND WE RESPECT EACH OTHER'S OPINIONS. THAT GOES A LONG WAY WHEN YOU'RE COLLECTIVELY TRYING TO DO THE RIGHT THING FOR MEMBERS. IT GOES A LONG WAY TOWARD MOVING THINGS FORWARD FAST AND EFFICIENTLY." - BOB GOLDBERG, CEO CEO Bob Goldberg shares a laugh during the photo shoot with 2018 NAR President Elizabeth Mendenhall and President-Elect John Smaby.

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