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JUL 2018

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26 July 2018 RISMedia's REAL ESTATE With a few rare exceptions, like a family friend in the business, sell- ers make their decisions based on their needs, not your history of suc- cess. Have you made a conscious effort to update and redesign your first impression to meet their needs? First, you have to get their atten- tion. Here are a few strategies to pump up your first impression and keep them coming back: Respond quickly. If you're in a mar- ket with fast inventory, every listing opportunity counts, so when given the chance, create a "wow" experi- ence from your very first contact. If your sellers choose to contact you electronically, respond quickly. And be sure your website, interactive voice response system, email and text are designed for instant notifi- cations. Immediate response is a powerful first impression, so make every effort to be lightning fast with your response time to all leads. Set yourself apart. When a seller contacts you to possibly list their property, set yourself apart with the delivery of a pre-listing appoint- ment package.* This information isn't promotional marketing mate- rial about you and your great ser- vice; it's all about the seller. The cover letter sets the expectation of the next steps they can expect when they work with you. This pack- age can either be delivered as a hard copy or sent digitally. Prepare for showtime. When was the last time you spiffed up your listing presentation? When you arrive for the actual appointment, make it a real showstopper. You want the sell- er to see you as different and cre- ative, with such impressive services that you become their only choice. Arrive with customized feather flags, riders for call capture (if signs are appropriate), a single-property web- site URL, a lead capture system al- ready in place for their price range, a screen capture of your lead incu- bation reports, as well as the CMA. Begin by digitally demonstrating your premium marketing plan to vi- sually engage the seller to interact as you review your special initia- tives. Profile information like your use of professional photography, video, geofencing and lead genera- tion systems before discussing the CMA. Consider a makeover. Confidence comes with deep preparation, so take the time to design this meet- ing and make it positive, energetic and engaging. Take a look at how you present yourself. Where's your energy level? Are you genuinely inter- ested and excited to meet this new client? Are you clean, neat and ap- propriately dressed? Are you on time and highly organized with your laptop or iPad? Look the part of the super- star to get superstar compensation. Pump up your engagement factor. Have you invested in advancing your com- munication skills to learn the best ways to engage with a variety of gen- erational groups to be more relevant to their preferences? Top performers know that the real work lies in the rig- ors of purposeful practice on a regu- lar basis. Update your social media sites regularly to be sure you're rel- evant and to keep your information up-to-date and accurate. Want the big bucks? Do a better job than the others and get more listings for more profits. *For a complimentary podcast on how to best use a pre-listing system, visit http://bit.ly/2xoLk7L. Terri Murphy is a communication engagement specialist, author, speaker and coach. She is the author/co-author of five books, and founder of MurphyOn- RealEstate.com. Contact her at TerriMurphy.com, MurphyOnRealEstate.com or Terri@TerriMurphy.com. Create Influence With Connection for High Profitability by Terri Murphy F eeling blue because you lost a listing to a competitor? If you're wondering why this happened, it may be the perfect time for a tune-up. Start by asking yourself the following question, and be honest with the answer: How do I show up?

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