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APR 2018

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RISMedia's REAL ESTATE April 2018 103 Almost all challenges can be over- come with systems. In RISMedia's latest ACE webinar, "Leveraging Sys- tems and Technology," two brokers discussed the methods that, for them, spur more transactions and more volume. Sponsored by Back- Agent, the call featured Chance Brown, broker/owner of Realty ONE Group Lone Star in Houston; Paul Wheeler, broker/owner of Accent REALTORS® in the Greater Tulsa area; Scott Schafer, head of Product Strategy for BackAgent; and Terri Murphy, coach and speaker with Workman Success Systems. "Without systems, without tech- nology and without processes in your business, in a lot of cases, you're walking blindfolded through a field and tripping over transac- tions," said Brown, who capitalizes on everything from automated so- cial media and interactive voice re- sponse (IVR) to video. "Having these processes and systems, and being able to gener- ate revenue and real business out of them…at the end of your career, that's your exit strategy," Brown said. Brown depends on systems for tracking, as well. He applies the Lead Tracker from Workman Suc- cess Systems. "[Our] Lead Tracker has every- thing from their name and contact info, to where they came from, to when their next scheduled touches are [and] how much they are in po- tential revenue, so we know what our capture rate is and what we're missing out on and not missing out on," said Brown. For Wheeler, scripts are the tool. Since beginning his career in the early '90s, Wheeler has developed messaging for his team to use— communication that eliminates fric- tion and sows trust. "It's just a process of leading the client down a straight line to their ultimate goal, updating them consistently and letting them know what's next so they never have to wonder," said Wheeler. Additionally, Wheeler has imple- mented My Perfect Week Schedul- er, another Workman tool, to man- age and maximize his time. Wheeler also advertises on tele- vision—"a one-time effort" that keeps reaping results. "I always say that if we want to grow our business, we have to get beyond personally generating every lead that comes in," Wheeler said. "We need systems working for us that don't require any more effort on our part." Your constituents—agents or members of your team—have to be able to leverage the systems, as well. Both Brown and Wheeler host "huddles" that educate them about the tools they can use. "If we mastermind with the whole team, we can do so much better," said Wheeler. Both Brown and Wheeler agreed that creating an experience is key—and delivering a first-class one is simple with systems. Brown calls it "the McDonald's effect": Ev- ery McDonald's patron receives the same service, no matter what they order or where they are. "We've changed it from 'the Mc- Donald's effect' to along the lines of a Ritz-Carlton or an American Express," Brown said. "It's really about the experiences of the peo- ple we deal with, whether they use us or not." RE To view the webinar in full, visit http://bit.ly/2FlglJ7. Suzanne De Vita is RISMedia's online news editor. Webinar Recap: Creating an Experience to Remember With Systems by Suzanne De Vita A s a broker, is your day-to-day at your desk instead of leading your team? Are you finding you have less room in your schedule? Difficulty handling incoming leads? Issues with training?

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