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SEP 2017

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RISMedia's REAL ESTATE September 2017 55 Social media in particular has be- come the go-to medium for home searches around the world. With that in mind, we've compiled a few technical considerations that will help you use technology to reach prospective buyers. Maintain Current Relationships While it's easy to get caught up in the buzz, it's important to remember that the relationships you've built with current customers are more im- portant than any new web technol- ogy, smartphone app or electronic craze. In the end, it's these relation- ships that will keep your business growing. Reinforcing existing relationships with customers is just as important as updating your Facebook status or pinning on Pinterest. A simple thank you card or personalized magnetic notepad will not only provide a lasting impression and reminder of you and your business, but also go a long way toward keeping you relevant in today's fast-paced environment. Build Your Online Presence Take the time to build your online presence in order to keep up with the growing population of buyers who are on social media and perus- ing websites and other digital sourc- es of information that are relevant to the real estate industry. While building business via grassroots marketing strategies can still work, the potential for doing so online far outreaches any traditional market- ing strategies. Social media provides the perfect place to promote your business and current listings. As you build your online presence, you will undoubtedly attract a bigger audience, which will help spread the word about your listings. Incorporate Video Into the Mix Video is another great strategy that can help you boost your business. Typically drawing a larger audience than text-heavy pieces, videos pro- vide a more effective way of building relationships with new and existing customers. In addition, videos offer a more personalized approach to promoting your business or listings. Utilize a CRM System Customer relationship management systems provide you with the tools you need to keep information re- lated to your customers organized and easily accessible. A good CRM will not only ensure you're always prepared for whatever the situation may require, but it will also help you stay on point by providing the best customer service at a moment's no- tice. A CRM system can also help you capture and follow up on more leads than you'd be able to if you weren't using one. Technology is becoming more and more essential in the real estate industry, and it's important that you learn to embrace it and incorporate it into your everyday business activities. Mastering the latest trends in technology and making yourself visible online will not only grow your business, but also help build upon the relationships you've already cultivated. RE John Bunker is marketing direc- tor at RealEstateCalendars.com. For more information, please visit www.realestatecalendars.com. 4 Tips for Mastering Marketing Commentary by John Bunker T echnology is changing the face of the real estate industry more and more every day, and it's also changing the way real estate professionals sell homes. While prospective buyers used to simply browse their local newspaper to find their dream home, the internet has changed the game by providing an endless supply of online tools buyers can use to facilitate the process.

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