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26 September 2017 RISMedia's REAL ESTATE Within one's career, there will al- ways be highs and lows, blessings and sacrifices, but I want to answer these questions above so that the highs last longer than the lows and the blessings always outweigh the sacrifices. I believe there are two crucial practices that should be es- tablished each and every day within a company, which create a great cul- ture where everyone can wake up eager to achieve and grow together. Those two things are mindset and an attitude of abundance. The mind is a powerful tool. Us- ing it correctly, a strong mindset will guarantee success in all aspects of life. I learned once from a professor that personal success is based on 25 percent talent, 25 percent coach- ing, and 50 percent mindset. This means your mindset alone is more important than any God-given talent or coaching that you have received. My favorite quotes about mindset come from two of the most success- ful and historical people in business: "Whether you think you can, or you think you can't—you're right." – Henry Ford "Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, DO." – Steve Jobs These visionaries understood that not only creating, but maintaining a powerful and determined mindset will determine how far you go, and not just in work, but in all areas of life. Muhammad Ali, one of the all- time greatest athletes, said, "Cham- pions aren't made in gyms. Champi- ons are made from something they have deep inside them: a desire, a dream, a vision…they have to have the skill and the will. But the will must be stronger than the skill." This champion mindset is unstoppable. The first step in creating a power- ful mindset is to believe in yourself so that others can begin believing in you as well. As we journey through life chasing our dreams, it is impor- tant to shield ourselves from what others say to deter us and bump our mindset off the right track. When we don't live out this practice, others can see right through us, which is why it is essential that deep in our hearts and minds we trust ourselves more than anything else. This type of positive mindset will lead to positive actions, and, ultimately, positive re- sults. Simply put, when we set our minds to the task at hand, greatness lies within us all. The second practice for creating a great culture is to adopt an atti- tude of abundance, which is a type of mindset. Having an attitude of abundance means we share openly, encourage each other daily, embrace risk, welcome competition, and are transparent. It means that we don't live in the past, but instead learn from it, and believe that the best is yet ahead. This attitude THINKS BIG. It is the opposite of an attitude of scarcity, where we keep quiet, give {Culture} D o you have fire? Passion? What's your drive? What makes you tick? What sets you apart? Do you see the glass as half-full or half-empty? What is it that gets you out of bed early in the morning ready to seize the day? What gets you excited to drive to work and be surrounded by others? Most importantly, what does it take for you to succeed at it all? How Mindset and the Attitude of Abundance Create a Great Culture by Vince Leisey The mural at BHHS Ambassador's headquarters says it all.

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