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SEP 2017

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{Publisher's Desk} A Culture of Change A s an industry comprised of profes- sionals whose average age is late 50-something, and top companies that have been around for decades with two to three generations passing through their ranks, residential real estate certainly has the potential to become stale—or worse yet, stagnant. New business models and new technologies use this to their advantage, claiming that established firms and traditional ways of doing business are no longer relevant—no longer meeting consumer needs. That their new way of doing things is the wave of the future. We understand this dilemma quite well at RISMedia as we head into our 38 th year in business. We have a long history of success and a well-earned standing within the industry, so why mess with a good thing? Ask anyone on my team, however, and they'll tell you that we're constantly "messing with things"—that we haven't stood still once in 38 years. We're continually evolv- ing our existing products, adding new programs and features, exploring fresh ideas and tackling the seemingly impossible. Why? Because, as they say…change or die. The point is, just because you're a company that's been around for decades or a business leader of a certain age, doesn't mean you can't keep things new, fresh and relevant. All it takes is the right company mindset, a team comprised of creative minds, and a commitment to change. Our cover story this month provides the perfect example of such a company, as RE/MAX introduces not only a refreshed logo, but a host of new programs to support what the brand refers to as its "spirit of constant innovation." "We're an established brand with 44 years of history, but still have the mindset of a start-up," says RE/MAX Co-CEO Adam Contos. "The rebellious spirit that launched the brand is still very much a part of our culture today." Find out how else RE/MAX is evolving beginning on page 32. Remember that a commitment to innovation, change and evolution begins with your company culture. For a great dose of inspiration, please see Vince Leisey's column on page 26. Gather your team and take a look at what changes you can make to evolve your business. Not only will this help ensure your success, but a vibrant, exciting culture as well. John E. Featherston CEO & Publisher Relevant Content Auto-Posted and Branded for YOU! Generate More Business from Social Media! Your Name & Your Logo! Mobile View ace.rismedia.com ACE

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