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MAY 2017

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94 May 2017 RISMedia's REAL ESTATE Preparing for Success by Gabrielle van Welie Anne M. Lusk Owner Lusk & Associates Sotheby's International Realty Lancaster, Pa. www.annelusk.com Region served: Central Pennsylvania Years in real estate: 26 Number of offices: 1 Number of agents: 40 Favorite way to unwind: Walking my dog What factor has the largest influ- ence on the real estate industry today? The media, as it can sway the minds of consumers, and what we talk about, we bring about. When the media is talking about the market being bad or slowing down or it being a hard time to sell, the consumer's mind is swayed toward negativity. When there's a lot of positiv- ity being reported, people seem to believe it, and there's often a rush to buy. What is one of the challenges your market faces, and what are you doing to overcome it? There is in- ventory in central Pennsylvania, but it might not be the right inventory for what the current consumer is desiring. Our rental market is very tight. In a market of under 250,000 people, consumers desire to buy because it's actually cheaper than renting, and they get to own the home and get a tax benefit. To over- come this, we're taking the time to seek out good inventory that we can offer our client base before it even hits the market. When it comes to dealing with picky buyers, what's your best tip? It all comes down to communication and finding out what's best for the buyer, so begin with a consultation in your office to discuss their real needs and determine what their housing goals are. The reason buy- ers are picky is because they have fear. If you can alleviate that fear, it makes the process more enjoyable for them and you. What is your top strategy for closing a transaction? Preparation. When you're properly prepared, you can easily reach your destination. While I spend a lot of time preparing for whatever I do, whether it's going out to list a house or meet with a buyer, a lot of agents don't take the time to prepare for success. If you take the time to prepare, you will have no problem getting that transaction to the finish line. You use an integrated market- ing strategy, including print and, specifically, Homes & Land. How does it benefit you? Homes & Land benefits me because in Central Pennsylvania, people still like print. You need to have an integration between print, the internet and your personal sphere of influence. I feel like Homes & Land has been excel- lent for me because it offers various technologies. It has print, an online presence, and even gives consum- ers the ability to text for more infor- mation on specific properties. For more information, please visit www.newpointmediagroup.com. Using Compromise to Create Happy Homebuyers by Zoe Eisenberg Joe Miller President Old Colony, REALTORS®, a member of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® Charleston, W. Va. www.oldcolonyrealtors.com Region served: West Virginia Years in real estate: 40 Number of offices: 7 Number of agents: 200 Favorite way to connect with agents: Face-to-face. Beyond that, I like talking on the phone. What is the first thing you do when you get to the office every morning? I'm not a person with an absolute set routine, so some days it's checking social media and others it's looking at office numbers from the previous day. My mornings are usually spent socially, checking in with those in the office and seeing how they're doing. Please describe your best tip for boosting productivity. It may not be that original, but every morning I identify one thing I can do that day that will have the biggest impact on my personal productivity and peace of mind. Then I look at my to-do list to see if it's on there and make sure it's No. 1. find listings before they come to market. Our strategy is to educate home- owners before they start thinking about selling. If we capture their atten- tion before they go online or call a friend for a referral, our agents win. We do this by searching our databases for people experiencing life-changing events and neighborhoods with high market demand. We pride ourselves on doing the hard stuff, like canvassing neighborhoods by knocking on doors and providing a face-to-face market/neighborhood update. We also make cold calls, which works when you're calling with valuable, useful and timely information. For more information, please visit www.weichert.com.

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