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APR 2017

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The 7 Laws of Team- Building Succes by Cleve Ga W hether you're a new tea leader or an experienc team leader already enjoy a bountiful team harvest fr having sown the right see of success, you must understa these seven laws because you do want to learn them the hard way failing. Law of Leverage – Leverage, when used in the context of teams, is of- ten misunderstood. It isn't letting others do all the work. It's using the power of something that already ex- ists to provide lift, or thrust, for oth- ers. The basic elements of success must already be present within the team leader for a team to benefit from leverage. Law of Purpose – What's your big why? It needs to be something unat- tainable, like the North Star, which guides explorers around the world. It shows the way, but can never ac- tually be reached. Law of Financial Balance – While profit shouldn't be the only priority of a team, everyone must remem- ber that without profit, the team will cease to be able to provide a service to homebuyers and sellers who need it. Every financial arrangement must make sense to the team and the other party involved. Law of Accountability – We must hold team members account- able for the activities required to produce the desired results. Ac- countability can be perceived nega- tively, but when you hold someone accountable, it's because you love them and want them to perform up to their true potential. Law of Environment – It's not your job as the team leader to ensure each team member is suc- cessful. An individual's success is up to them. It is, however, your job to create the right environ- ment in which team members can be successful. This includes—but is not limited to—onboarding, agent development, lead genera- tion, administration, core values and accountability. Law of Attraction – You'll need the right people in the right place to grow a strong team. Putting "a" person in a position instead of the "right" person can impact the entire team. Does this person have the right personality and skillset for the job? Do they have a clear definition of success for their position? Most teams hire based upon need; the best teams hire based upon talent. They find talent and put it to work where it will be most beneficial. Law of Constraints – The best team leaders focus first on what's limiting the team most. According to Eli Goldrat in his book "The Goal," successful businesses identify bot- tlenecks, or the part of the process that's most limiting the results of the team. What's most limiting your team's ability to attract new custom- ers and close more sales? Open that bottleneck first, then move on to find the next. Write down the seven laws of team-building success and post them where you'll be reminded of them daily. How do they apply to what you're currently doing to build your team? What can you do to best follow the laws? Just like the speed limit on your local roads, if you don't follow these laws, you might wish you had. This excerpt of The 7 Laws of Team-B cess is taken from an hour-long work same name that Cleve Gaddis of Gadd RE/MAX Center has presented to companies and brokerages throughou States. His real estate team closes $60 sales annually in Atlanta, Ga. Cleve is a of the Call Cleve Atlanta Real Estate can be heard on NewsTalk 1160 WCFO Contact him at Cleve@GoGa {Power Teams} "Most teams hire based upon need; the best teams hire based upon talent." - Cleve Gaddis, Gaddis Partners, RE 84 April 2017 RISMedia's REAL E

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