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MAR 2017

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RISMedia's REAL ESTATE March 2017 57 Save Time Every Step of the Way with Quicken Loans SERVING ALL KINDS OF CLIENTS WITH QUICKEN LOANS by Nick Caruso N ot all buyers are created equal; their wants and needs can vary as much as night and day. As real estate professionals, agents and brokers need to be prepared to handle all kinds of customers, from the most tech-savvy of the bunch to those who have never touched social media or the internet. Learning how to properly serve both extremes can oftentimes be the key to a company's success, and working with vendors and partners who under- stand that can only add power to a brokerage's repertoire. Quicken Loans is one company that gets it. Ken Baris, president of Jordan Baris, Inc. REALTORS®, says his company brought Quicken Loans into the fold in order to give their clientele two mortgage options—the best of both worlds. Quicken Loans has a mortgage option that can fit all buyers. A client can even put as little as 1 percent down. If they want to get a mortgage the tra- ditional way, Quicken Loans is built for that. If they want to get a mortgage safely and securely online, they can do so through the power of Rocket Mortgage. The reaction among Baris' company has been a positive one. Along with Quicken Loans' national marketing campaign, Baris finds that every con- sumer has at least heard of Quicken Loans, which gives his clients the confidence they're looking for when working with a mortgage lender. They know that Quicken Loans has the process and communication in place to close their loan on time. "There's definitely a credibility factor, so that's some- thing our agents enjoy," says Baris. Working closely with Quicken Loans' Mark Millar and the rest of the Market Manager Team, Baris has found that Millar and his team do an amazing job at staying present and organized. "Working with Mark has been fantastic. Quicken Loans is very much a process- and communication- oriented organization, and when they give a commit- ment, they really meet it. "Another thing I like about Quicken Loans is their ISMs—their business tenets, practices and philoso- phies they have relating to how they work with each other, REALTORS® and consumers. I like to think of Jordan Baris, REALTORS® as a company that truly has a heart and soul, and we find the exact same thing with Quicken Loans. They're not a company of shallow words and hollow promises; they're a company that really does what they say they're going to do," says Baris. Quicken Loans' presence helps Baris' company stay focused on what really matters: serving their custom- ers and closing transactions. Quicken Loans' Market Manager Team is an essential piece of that puzzle. {Strategies} "Quicken Loans is very much a process- and communication-oriented organization, and when they give a commitment, they really meet it." - KEN BARIS President, Jorrdan Baris, Inc. REALTORS®

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