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MAR 2017

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RISMedia's REAL ESTATE March 2017 51 {Blog Spot} 1 Research the Platform Social media platforms each have their own best practices for posting photos. When using Face- book, for example, you can post multiple pictures of a property in one status or create an album dedicated to a single listing. With Instagram, you can only upload one image at a time, and your followers may become agitated if their time- line is flooded with multiple posts in a row. 2 Work with What You Have The new iPhone 7 has the ability to take high-quality photos. The new wide-angle lens, telephoto lens and quad-LED True Tone flash allow you to take the highest quality photos. The iPhone 7 Plus has the ability to take photos with a larger depth of field, which is perfect for capturing every angle of your property. Bot- tom line: If you're working with a tight budget, you don't always need expensive cameras or professional photographers. 3 Showcase Unique Designs When presenting a listing on any social media platform, it's important that you highlight the best features. This starts by professionally stag- ing the home, which sets you up for success. When you find those spe- cial "design touches," photograph them. These small details are what make the property most appealing or unique among other similar op- tions. This could be the new granite countertops, updated appliances, authentic hardwood floors, raised ceilings, delicate crown molding, etc. 4 Remember the "Rule of Thirds" Even the most beautiful homes won't look appealing if the composi- tion is poor. This is where the "Rule of Thirds" comes into play. The idea is simple. "When you look through your view- finder or at the LCD screen, imagine a tic-tac-toe grid over the scene," advise experts at Nikon. "These gridlines are a guide to help you frame your image and won't show up in your final picture." Where the lines intersect is where you want your subject to be—not in the center of your photo, but slightly to the side at either the top or bottom. 5 Perspective When shooting an entire prop- erty, make sure to capture a variety of angles in order to create differ- ent perspectives. Use a wide-angle camera lens to truly showcase the grandeur of the big dining room or the perfect placement of a fireplace in the living room. There are a vari- ety of lenses you can clip into your cellphone to get these interesting angles. RE Caroline Davis has worked in marketing for three years and regularly shares her experience in business via blogging. Check out some of her latest work at CarpeDaily.com. 5 Tips to Improve Your Social Media Property Photos by Caroline Davis R eaching thousands of people with a single post, sharing property information and geo-targeting potential clients with paid ads are all benefits of using social platforms for your real estate business. When using any platform, however, there are specific steps you can take to optimize your efforts, especially when posting photos. These five tips will help improve your social media property photos.

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