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MAR 2017

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44 March 2017 RISMedia's REAL ESTATE Smart agents understand the ur- gency to make simple, high-impact changes that create true unique- ness. Here are a few ideas to create a top-value experience that makes you stand out from the crowd: 1. From dull to dynamic In his book "The Collapse of Distinc- tion," author Scott McKain emphasiz- es the need to go beyond differentia- tion to distinction. Distinction sets a higher standard than differentiation, so take a minute to assess what you offer now and how you can ramp up specific services to take them from dull to dynamic. Start by taking a piece of paper and drawing a big "T" on the page. On one side, write down what ac- tivities, programs, strategic partner- ships and lead programs you cur- rently offer, but by today's standards are old and dated. On the other side, list how you can update those systems and part- nerships to an impressive level far above standard service. Address ar- eas where you can incorporate new, measureable initiatives, like the use of automated lead capture and con- version platforms, web-based video marketing and upgraded lead-gener- ation platforms. 2. Define what your customers get now, then go for 'wow' Smart selling requires listening to what the customer really wants. Highly successful agents under- stand how to interpret the value their customers and clients want, rather than adding items the cus- tomer doesn't necessarily value. Start by identifying areas in the process where the customer needs specific counseling, like inspec- tions, testing requirements, and more. Set up expert counseling with your loan professional to walk them through the mortgage process, in- cluding how to weigh the many op- tions for getting the transaction to a smooth closing. 3. Define your process At every opportunity during the buy- ing or selling process, prepare your prospects with a checklist of servic- es they can expect from you. Define how often they prefer to connect with you, and confirm their preferred plat- form: email, video email, text, phone, chat, etc. This connection will help them through one of their biggest fi- nancial decisions, so being informed is an important part of the process. 4. Brand yourself before the appointment Few agents take advantage of a pre- appointment system to set up a dif- ferent experience from the get-go. Connect the client with your manager, your client care coordinator and your lender partner before the actual ap- pointment to begin their experience of care and endorsement. Success- ful agents understand the power of such positioning to get the attention of the seller in an uncommon way. 5. Go customer-centric, and crush it Today's consumer is uninterested in your awards and ratings. They are in- terested in what's in it for them. What they look for is a good real estate experience from a trusted advisor, so think through what you can do to shift the focus in your service model from features to targeted benefits. Use the seven types of differentia- tion* to search out ways to exceed standards and position yourself as a resource that resonates with their preferences. When you shoot for exceptional, you can expect to build long-term re- lationships and endless referrals. RE *Contact Terri for a report on the 7 types of differentiation. Terri Murphy is a communication engagement special- ist, author, speaker and coach. She is the author/co-author of five books, and founder of MurphyOn- RealEstate.com. Contact her at TerriMurphy.com, MurphyOnReal- Estate.com or Terri@TerriMurphy.com. From Differentiation to Distinction by Terri Murphy W hy is it such a challenge for an agent to really stand out in their marketplace? The answer is that many of us continue to perform the same way as everybody else. Without a uniqueness to "how we do what we do," it's easy to understand why the consumer has reason to question our value, when it seems that we all provide similar service.

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