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MAY 2016

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RISMedia's REAL ESTATE May 2016 81 Real estate is a people business. Perhaps it's no mistake that the most successful people in the busi- ness also happen to be nice. Think about the real estate leaders you admire most. Did they get to where they are because they treat people unkindly? Probably not. Some people might claw their way toward the top, but they're rarely respected or con- sidered true leaders. Watch the best of the best in ac- tion and you'll see the following traits: Positivity While you don't need to attack each and every day like an over-caffeinated motivational speaker, a little positiv- ity goes a long way. People gravitate toward upbeat people; said people include co-workers, social media fol- lowers and potential clients. Some days are easier than others in terms of staying cheery, but mak- ing a conscious effort to put good out into the world usually has a boomer- ang effect. Whether it's watercooler chit-chat or a social media post, ask yourself if what you're saying makes the environment healthy or toxic. Thoughtfulness Leverage the power of social media to make yourself more thoughtful. Many people display their birth date on their profle. Add these dates to your calendar each month and take the time to send an email rather than simply posting on their Face- book wall. Go ahead and blow their minds by sending an actual card. Keep your eyes peeled for achieve- ments and happy news, as well. Rec- ognizing that promotion at work or baby on the way certainly creates goodwill, and it could also lead to a real estate transaction, so reach out and congratulate your contacts. Gratitude Giving credit where credit is due seems like a good rule of thumb, but why not take it up a notch? If someone in your offce has helped you, send an email to his or her su- pervisor. This type of feedback tends to bring out the best in people, of- ten leading to promotions and pay bumps. Next time you're at the coffee shop, buy a handful of $5 gift cards to keep readily available. Make some note cards that say "Thanks a Latte," and give them to people who make your day better. Sure, it's kind of cheesy, but starting the day with a free cup of coffee is always a perk. This kind of thinking inspired Lead- ing Real Estate Companies of the World® to create a new staff recogni- tion program, a peer-to-peer acknowl- edgement of those who demonstrate the values that defne our culture. Recognizing those who personify the traits we value has created an even kinder environment throughout the company, with a ripple effect that's felt by our members and all those we serve. Acknowledging the good in others creates a desirable climate around the workplace. As for elsewhere in the world, hope springs eternal. RE Beth Kinsella is the member solu- tions manager with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®. For more information, please visit www.LeadingRE.com. Busi-Nice: Putting the Nice in Business by Beth Kinsella W hile spring is in full swing, wherever you go, you can count on it being a bit cold and blustery right now. Not the actual temperature, but the temperament. Sadly, it feels like civility is in short supply, whether it's in regard to politics, social media, entertainment or business.

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