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28 May 2016 RISMedia's REAL ESTATE The speed, fexibility and conve- nience that high-quality mobile tech- nology solutions afford REALTORS® do more than simply streamline the home-buying process; it allows them to be more productive and more proactive, providing their cli- ents with speedy, effcient and re- sponsive service. Today's mobile tech tools are so accessible, and have become so sophisticated and secure, that it's possible to conduct virtually any business and complete any task that needs to be done immediate- ly—right there on a mobile device. Whether it's generating and man- aging forms, editing and signing documents, or creating/complet- ing transactions, the right mobile platforms have all the tools agents and brokers need to take care of business. For REALTORS® and homebuyers alike, the ability to simply hand over an iPad to get a signature is a real game changer. Agents and brokers are using these tools to provide more fexibility in how they run their busi- nesses. They can accomplish more, anywhere, anytime. If a client wants to make an offer or submit a counter- offer, list a home, or sign a purchase agreement, an agent can pull out his or her phone or tablet and take care of it immediately. In today's competi- tive seller's market, where inventory is in relatively short supply, the abil- ity to move quickly and get your bid in is enormously valuable. Not only is it a huge plus for buyers, it's a com- petitive advantage for the REALTOR® who can still deliver outstanding ser- vice while out showing homes and spending time with clients. The best new mobile tools today include similar features and func- tionality to those found in our own zipForm® Mobile Web interface: easy-to-use features, menus and screen designs that are clear and straightforward, and a range of the same conveniences that are found in the full desktop version. For ex- ample, information entered utilizing the 'Edit' feature will automatically cascade throughout the forms in the transaction, and all changes— in addition to forms added to an existing transaction and any new transaction—will automatically sync with the user's existing zipForm® Plus online account. That mobile- to-desktop syncing ensures that agents and brokers never lose a step in any part of the transaction. They can also utilize the same edit- ing and transactional tools, secure document storage, digital signature functionality, and ability to email forms as PDFs. These capabilities are even more important at a time when millenni- als have become the biggest group of homebuyers in America, account- ing for 32 percent of the market, according to NAR. They aren't just a large and infuential demographic, they're a different type of homebuyer. They're extremely tech-savvy, and not only do they value speed, effciency and service, they expect it. Millenni- als fnd it unacceptable to hear the phrase, "I can't do that until I get back to the offce." This is just one more reason for agents and brokers who want to stay relevant in a com- petitive and evolving marketplace to go mobile. RE Lisa Mihelcich is COO, zipLogix™. For more information, visit www.zipLogix.com. A Technology Tipping Point Commentary by Lisa Mihelcich A n incredible 94 percent of real estate agents say they use technology to communicate with clients, but only 41 percent use it to manage documents that help streamline the home- buying process. With mobile app usage experiencing 58 percent growth in 2015, it's clear that consumers are eager to use mobile devices, even in the real estate process. So why aren't REALTORS®?

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