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APR 2016

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50 April 2016 RISMedia's REAL ESTATE W hen we think of the word "green" in relation to the real estate world, it can means different things to different people. While not every buyer or seller is necessarily thinking about big-picture green topics, the concepts of utility costs, comfort and health are universal when it comes to owning and living in a home. This is one of the main reasons the National Associa- tion of REALTORS® introduced its Green Designation in 2008, designed to offer those in the real estate game advanced training in resource-effcient building strate- gies and sustainable business. NAR Green Designees learn how to better understand client preferences in rela- tion to new trends, and understand and market the ben- efts provided by properties with green features. Rick Thompson, a partner and exclusive broker with Brightleaf Homes, one of Chicagoland's premier high- performance homebuilders, and a 2015 Department of Energy Housing Innovation Award winner, sees green resonating long-term. "I believe that green buildings are the future of the housing industry," says Thompson. "As building codes continue to evolve with stricter requirements for things such as higher window and door performance, higher insulation levels and air sealing, outdated homes with- out mandated green features and amenities will become less desirable to buyers—and even obsolete compared to green homes that meet (or exceed) building codes, that are energy-effcient, more comfortable, and healthier to live in," he adds. "In 2016, I believe that consumers will demand higher quality products that are healthier for them and their families and be willing to pay a premium for a superior home." Colin Johnson, a D.C. broker and current president- elect for the District of Columbia Association of REAL- TORS®, also sees great value in NAR's Green Designa- tion. In fact, he's been involved in educating REALTORS® on the value proposition of green homes and features since earning the designation. "NAR did this big introductory push, traveling the coun- try and providing educational seminars, so I attended one of the two-day-long seminars to get the designation, and have continued to be involved in the education piec- es," he says. "One of the things I feel is most important is the conversation that it sparks with a lot of my clients. Every one of my buyers and sellers gets a welcome pre- sentation from me, and part of that is my qualifcation." From there, Johnson can gauge his clients' interest and knowledge of green practices. "Most have some basic knowledge of green technol- ogy, mostly around big aspects, such as what kind of products may cause better air quality," he says. "One of the things I think is interesting is that light and airfow may not be at the top of their minds, but when people look at properties and see a huge abundance of natural light, they feel better and tend to like those more. That gets brought into the conversation." In Real Estate, It's Easy Being Green NAR's Green Designation continues to impact the industry as we head toward the future by Keith Loria

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