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NOV 2014

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RISMedia's REAL ESTATE November 2014 91 worldwide exposure, but still believe the business is done face to face. We have the best-educated, most knowledgeable, and most dedicated agents in the industry. We know our technology is second to none— and superior customer service is a given. We can even boast one of the largest bilingual sales forces in America. We have between 700 and 800 agents—more than a third of our sales staff—who speak two lan- guages or more. In a region like this, an international melting pot, that is a huge advantage. BP: How are you atracting and re- taining the top agents you are so proud of? MP: When you've been in business as long as we have, you naturally attract the best. We have one of- fce manager who has been with the company for 44 years—and a legion of agents who've been with us for many years because we treat our employees like family. We work together and play together, whether it's mentoring or sharing business strategies or hopping on our bikes for a marathon to raise funds for a cause we believe in. We are there for each other every day in every way, and that creates the kind of environment where success and personal growth fourishes. We of- fer comprehensive training for new agents and the best in education and technology for all, from fve-star training and certifcation programs to the most effective lead capture, data management and mobile plat- forms available. We don't believe in putting a Band-Aid on a problem that needs attention. We use what I call the bottom-up effect. We listen, really listen, to what our agents ask for, and we ft the solutions to their needs. BP: What are the biggest challenges facing your company? MP: Reinventing real estate in a changing world, and building the next generation of Keyes REALTORS®. Our internal plans are to streamline and automate even more than we have— to outdo the big online competitors with systems that exceed their user- friendliness and draw more custom- ers to us. We don't plan to change our image or operations so much as refne and refresh them. Anticipating trends and needs, and being frst with the right solutions, is very much a part of our agenda. BP: What do you see as your biggest opportunity? MP: Much the same, actually. We are blessed to be in one of the world's hot spots, in a region that draws people from everywhere. One-fourth of our business this year will come from relocation and, as I mentioned, we have the bilingual staff to make the most of it. We also have seven full-time recruiters to help us keep growing, and a busi- ness plan that's been proven again and again to help agents succeed in this business. So the opportunities are there and endless, and we know we have the structure—and most of all, the heart—to make it work to our advantage. BP: In your opinion, what is most critical to your frm's success path forward? MP: All the pieces are in place. We have the people. We have the tools. We match the people we serve. In ad- dition to our numbers in residential real estate, we listed and sold over $800 million in commercial property last year, and we rolled out a luxury homes program recently that is just now hitting its stride. We've got our heads wrapped around technology and training and our hearts are in the right place, and by the frst of the year, we'll launch our new venture to update and refresh our image. It isn't dramatic. It doesn't need to be. We're happy with who we are. But times are changing, and we are com- mitted to matching our brand and our look with reality. BP: So what's in store for the future of the company? MP: We are gratifed to be the leader of leaders. It's who we are. We are lucky to count our team of 2,200 agents as part of our extended fam- ily. That's the concept, and the vi- sion, we believe will keep us in the forefront. Times change, but integrity doesn't. We look forward to the next 90 years in our company's honorable history. RE For more information, please visit www.keyes.com. "There aren't many companies of this size where every agent gets a hand-writen birthday note from the boss. But it's typical of the special, caring environment we work in every day." - Paula Renaldo Chief Marketing Offcer The Keyes Company

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