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NOV 2014

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30 November 2014 RISMedia's REAL ESTATE This is how Featherston, RISMedia president and CEO, fttingly intro- duced the RE/MAX chairman and co-founder during a special session at RISMedia's Real Estate CEO Ex- change, "The Franchise Perspective: One-on-One with Dave Liniger." From being one of the frst real estate brokers to employ a pre- dominantly female workforce to nearly waging a run for the Senate, Liniger's adventurous spirit and sto- ried career have provided him with an array of valuable insights and staunch opinions to impart. Dur- ing RISMedia's Real Estate CEO Exchange, held at Manhattan's Yale Club on Sept. 9 and 10 (see full re- cap on page 62), Featherston sat down with Liniger for a candid in- terview about the past, present and future of the real estate business, for which Liniger received a stand- ing ovation from the 200 brokers and industry leaders in attendance. Following are excerpts from their memorable conversation: John Featherston: Dave, frst of all, what do you see for the remain- der of 2014 and looking ahead to 2015? Dave Liniger: The recovery has not really happened as rapidly as any of us would have expected. Statis- tically, there is business out there, but you have to be more competi- tive, better and smarter than the competition to get it—it's up to the individual agent to fgure out how to make it in the current market. Next year, there should be about 5.3 mil- lion home sales, and the year after that, the market should get signif- cantly better. I see a signifcant in- crease around the middle of 2015 into 2016 and 2017. JF: When the market was in the dol- drums of the downturn, you took a leadership position in training agents to handle distressed proper- ty business. Now that this segment is winding down, what's next? DL: Most people in the industry do not understand how signifcant for- eign purchases are today and how much more signifcant they will be- come. Houses are being purchased by non-American people from coun- tries like South and Central Amer- ica, where there is instability. The Chinese government is encouraging wealthy Chinese to buy real estate outside of the country because they are bidding prices up and creating a bubble there. This type of foreign investment is going to increase, and brokers and agents need to fgure out how to tie into it. JF: How are current government reg- ulations impacting brokerage busi- ness, specifcally, afliated business arrangements? DL: The pendulum swings back and forth, and this election cycle, we will see the pendulum swing back from the far left to the center when people get fed up and vote differently. The conservatives feel there's far too much regulation and the liberals feel One-on-One with Dave Liniger RE/MAX founder predicts 'signifcant increase' in real estate market by 2016 W hen it comes to real estate icon Dave Liniger, John Featherston says it best: "He is the Dos Equis commercial. This is the most interesting man in the world." CEO Exchange Exclusive: by Maria Patterson

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