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AUG 2019

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4 August 2019 RISMedia's REAL ESTATE 43 Canadian Landmark Real Estate Tech Partnership Will Change Real Estate Ecosystem Forever 85 Meet the Newsmakers: *LQQ\6KLSH 95 Blog Spot: 5 Simple Tips to &UHDWH(HFWLYH5HDO(VWDWH Newsletters FEATURES 26 Intel:5HDO(VWDWHΖQGXVWU\0DNHV 6WULGHV7RZDUGΖQFUHDVLQJ+HDOWK ΖQVXUDQFH$FFHVVLELOLW\ 34 ERA's Local Market Understanding Translates Into Global Growth 46 Strategies:$PHULFDQ+RPH Shield ® (AHS ® ); Buyside; CSRE; 'HOX[H%UDQGHG0DUNHWLQJ +RPHVFRP5HDOWRUV3URSHUW\ 5HVRXUFH ® 535 ® ); ShelterZoom 57 Power Broker Perspectives: 0DUVKD5DQG/DUU\5LGHRXW%HQ Caballero 80 'Ask Agent X':5HDORJ\ȇV$OH[D $VVLVWDQW.LFNVWDUWV3URGXFWLYLW\ 88 RISMedia's Great Spaces 94 Webinar Recap: Seasonal Slump? 5 Avenues for Brokers to 3HUHQQLDOO\3URW INTERVIEWS 82 Jesse Zagorsky, eXp Realty 83 Phil Sheridan, Berkshire +DWKDZD\+RPH6HUYLFHV*XOI 3URSHUWLHV EXPERTS 36 Desirée Patno – Online 6RXUFHVRI&DSLWDOIRU:RPHQ Entrepreneurs 41 Troy Rech – Don't Wait for a 5DQVRPZDUH$WWDFN 45 Joe Niego – .H\VWRDQ(HFWLYH 5HDO(VWDWH0DUNHWLQJ3ODQ 53 Adam Contos – Buy or Sell Without an Agent? No Thanks! 55 Terri Murphy – Are Your Habits &RVWLQJ

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