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AUG 2019

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RISMedia's REAL ESTATE August 2019 61 The wish to employ people who have a variety of views and per- spectives—and the desire to serve people of all backgrounds and eth- nicities—should be part of our core values. Surrounding ourselves with a diverse audience opens the pos- sibilities to do more and to under- stand more about each other and our world. If we operate from that place, buyers and sellers will want to work with us, and we'll fill our of- fices with exceptional real estate professionals who want to be part of a welcoming office. Here are four ways you can be a more diverse office and market it in an authentic way: 1. Promote Respect in Everything You Do From hiring your agents and office staff to welcoming anyone through your front door, be responsible and respectful. It sounds simple because it is. Ensure that respect for others is one of your office's core values, discuss it during of- fice meetings, and ask your staff and team for ideas on how you can ensure you're fostering an inclusive office culture. 2. Market Your Diversity Look for opportunities in all of your marketing to showcase di- versity. Yes, it can and should be intentional. You've worked hard to build an office that includes people of all walks of life regardless of age, gender, race and ethnicity, so this is your opportunity to show it. So many people want to be part of an office that cares about diversity. 3. Everyone Should Have a Voice Look for opportunities to al- low everyone that comes into or works in your office to have a voice. Have suggestion cards available at the front desk, or, better yet, have an online survey where people can leave confidential suggestions— and maybe even positive reviews about your office. Make sure you give your staff and team of agents the same opportunity. If you accept suggestions positively, people will be more likely to be honest for the good of the office. 4. Celebrate What Makes Your Office Unique We are all so very unique in our backgrounds, ideas and passions. Be sure to recognize people for their own unique, positive contri- butions to both your office and the community. Hand out awards, share achievements on social me- dia or provide positive feedback. People love to be recognized and feel respected. RE Realty ONE Group offices take every opportunity pos- sible to celebrate diversity and promote our "coolture" where everyONE matters. It's one of many reasons real estate professionals are making the move to and staying with Realty ONE Group. To learn more, visit realtyonegroup.com. 4 Ways to Promote Diversity in Your Brokerage by the Experts at Realty ONE Group A s real estate offices, we must seek to be diverse at all levels of the organization, from the office staff we hire to the real estate professionals we recruit to the buyers and sellers we serve. But we don't need to seek diversity just for the sake of marketing or recruiting.

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