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AUG 2019

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RISMedia's REAL ESTATE August 2019 55 WE'VE BEEN TOLD THAT TO BE SUC- CESSFUL IN BUSINESS, WE MUST: • Be clear about what goals we set • Be sure our goals are in writing • Post our goals everywhere they can be seen But what if all the "experts" are wrong about the importance of set- ting goals? Is reaching the finish line the only thing we need to aim for? According to author James Clear, setting small, productive habits will get us there faster than using tradi- tional goal-setting. In his best-selling book, "Atomic Habits: Tiny Changes, Remarkable Results," the author points out that small changes are easier to integrate into a habit, which then promotes a behavioral change that gets us to our goals—and those habits extend beyond a singular achievement. Although each transaction will dif - fer, the basics for profitability are dependent on the systems—or hab- its—we live by in every minute of our work. When you consider how many activities are repeatable, replacing reaction with a systematic procedure will defer stress, save time and re- duce friction in the workplace. When we construct the habits that keep our business thriving even in the midst of irregular and occasional chaos, the goals will take care of themselves. Here are two proven systems that will help you create the right habits to maximize your work time, keep your pipeline full and your time dol - lar-productive: 1. Start tracking your time using a Daily Success Habits Tracker. This form is designed to help you "see" where your time is spent in a day and track your consistency toward eliminating bad habits and replacing them with more produc- tive ones. Many agents are crazy busy, but when tracked, it's clear that "busy" doesn't equate with "dollar-productive." The form in- cludes a point system to make sure specific actions, such as prospecting calls, open houses, property tours and listing ap- pointments, are completed every day. The Daily Success Habits form keeps agents focused on key, dollar-productive activities to generate high and consistent in - come. Keeping yourself account- able is the first step in creating new and more productive habits. 2. Plan your week in advance. The My Productive/Perfect Week planner is a superb tool to help "map" out your week in ad - vance, enabling you to block out time for high-ROI activities—and life. For example, plug in ap- pointments that are potential money-makers, like working with sellers or buyer appointments. Next, schedule time for your per- sonal and family activities. The balance of the time is divided up and blocked for prospecting activities like connecting with past clients, planning client ap- preciation events, following up on leads on a weekly/biweekly basis, setting up open houses, door-knocking, and more. Once you've mapped out your time, it's easier to stick to the sched- ule. You can easily change the schedule to accommodate your clients and not drop the ball on those critical tasks that yield big results in the process. You'll find success in the rhythm or "habit" of focusing on basic activities that lead to profitability. Your habits are the cornerstones for improvement. Start converting your habits into activities that will produce more results—and more profitability. RE For a free copy of the Daily Success Habits Tracker, and other success tools, visit http://bit.ly/2zSyD4k. Terri Murphy is a communication engagement special- ist, author, speaker, consultant and master coach with Workman Success. She is the author of five books, a TedTalk speaker and co-radio host on KWAMtheVoice.com. For more information, please visit TerriMurphy.com or email Terri@TerriMurphy.com. Are Your Habits Costing You Money? by Terri Murphy

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