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AUG 2019

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RISMedia's REAL ESTATE August 2019 49 forces to integrate marketing tools that tie together tradi- tional methods and digital campaigns. With a true focus on collaboration, the two teams re- cently worked together to bring to market an innovative social media data tool known as InstaStat. Created to solve the challenge associated with there being no way for agents to seamlessly serve up hyper-lo - cal data insights without a host of controls in place from the home office team, Gianutsos notes that InstaStat empowers the firm's agents to generate data graphics that can be shared across social media platforms. "The first step toward combatting this challenge was to create a way to visually serve up our exclusive data in bite-sized chunks," says Gianutsos. With an initial focus on single-family stats (a dataset that's been expanded due to agents clamoring for more), InstaStat has proven to be a popular addition to the com - pany's digital product offerings. With just a few clicks, agents can generate accurate and engaging bite-sized snapshots relevant to their mar- kets backed by verified numbers, optimized for sharing on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. They can even customize the graphic for a unique look that best fits their personal brand, choosing from a variety of back- grounds in line with the company's lifestyle-focused mar- keting approach. "While agents have their own unique look and feel, InstaStat allows them to customize the color of the font, as well as the background image," says Gianutsos. "Therefore, if multiple agents in the same area are post- ing the same data, it stands apart visually." But it goes further than that, as InstaStat provides a unique advantage when it comes to positioning the firm's agents as the analytic professionals today's consumers need to guide them through the process. "When you think about the creden- tials that rank highest when selecting an agent, analytic is at the top of the list," says Gianutsos. "Giving agents access to market insights they can post on social media not only helps build their brand, but also goes a long way toward position- ing them as a person who can handle the tough questions." Looking ahead, the sky's the limit for Houlihan Lawrence and Deluxe Branded Marketing. "Every company has to have a clear vi- sion of what they want to achieve, along with a partner that's willing to move at your pace and work on the platforms and services that are going to benefit your agents," concludes Gianutsos. For more information, please visit re.deluxe.com. Closing More Business One Lead at a Time NORTH CAROLINA REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONAL FINDS CONTINUED SUCCESS WITH HOMES.COM by Keith Loria C arole Purser and her husband began buying, selling and investing in properties in North Carolina in the mid-'90s. She was a teacher; he was a general con- tractor—and in 2016, when they had five houses in their port- folio, they realized one of them would have to retire to handle their real estate. Purser decided she wanted to get even more involved in real estate, so she took the opportunity as a jumping-off point to get her real estate license. Today, she's an agent at RE/MAX Coastal Associates in Powells Point, N.C. "After being in the classroom for 23 years, I'm really loving this profession and wish I would have done it years ago," she says. In January, Purser took things up another notch when she signed on with Homes.com. And she's been getting leads in her area ever since with their Local Connect program. "I was working with Zillow when they called and I didn't want to spend any more money as I had just signed up for another zip code the week before," says Purser. "Be - ing a teacher, I like data, because I had to keep data on students. I look at it every day and it keeps me on top of where I'm going and what I've done." But Purser decided to give Homes.com a shot, and she's glad she did. In her first six months (at press time), she's closed on five homes via leads she received from the service. That includes a sale for more than $600,000. "It's worked out great," says Purser, who is looking forward to continuing to work with Homes.com in the future. One of the things Purser likes best about using Homes.com is the fact that the information is always fresh and up-to- date. "When I get leads from Homes.com, I know that they're going to be valuable," she says. "Getting leads is important, and the reason I use services like this is be - cause I know I can trust those that come in from them." Plus, she's impressed with the service

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