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JUL 2019

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32 July 2019 RISMedia's REAL ESTATE At the outset of 2019, I see block- chain gaining strong momentum in the real estate industry. What ex- cites me most about this trend is that the best is yet to come with regard to the positive changes blockchain will enable. It won't just be agents and realty companies benefiting. In fact, individual buyers, sellers and renters will also benefit tremendously. Real estate is a mostly frag- mented, inefficient and antiquated industry that's ripe for an innova- tion like blockchain. The blockchain benefits that fit the real estate busi- ness model perfectly are security, transparency, transaction process- ing speed and administrative cost reduction. OPPORTUNITIES There are five use cases, in par- ticular, that I see leading the way to blockchain's adoption: 1. Deal-making 2. Automated payment processing 3. Transaction management 4. Reliable and immutable record- keeping 5. Land title registrations While there are other use cases, these five are available today. There are other innovations in the works— redefining legal contracts and next- generation use cases for tokens are two that are imminent—and I expect rapid industry adoption of blockchain applications by 2020. THREATS At its core, blockchain is a technol- ogy platform. This means that, by its very nature, it's vulnerable to threats. Blockchain's distributed ledger archi- tecture, immutable transaction re- cords and strong encryption provide a unique security profile, but massive cryptocurrency hacks—among other breaches—clearly demonstrate that it isn't invulnerable. But compared to most other platforms, blockchain ranks high. There's also the threat related to the fear of something new. In a conservative, traditional industry like real estate, where the processes and systems are about as legacy as you can get, even obvious benefits like security and transparency aren't enough to get people to change their established ways. That's not unique to real estate, but it's still common. So, while it's a threat, it's fading fast. BLOCKCHAIN IS READY FOR ITS CLOSE-UP My company and others are chang- ing the way real estate deal-making is done forever. The industry's for- ward-thinkers are already implement- ing blockchain applications, and consumers aren't far behind. The use cases described above deliver clear-cut, tangible benefits to every- one involved in a real estate deal. I think 2019 will be the year that blockchain achieves escape veloc- ity in real estate. RE Chao Cheng-Shorland is chief executive officer of ShelterZoom Corp. For more information, please visit www.shelterzoom.com. It's Not If the Real Estate Industry Will Adopt Blockchain, It's When Commentary by Chao Cheng-Shorland I 'm often asked the blockchain "adoption" question by the media, those who follow technology trends and real estate professionals. Given that real estate is the largest commodity in the world, with an estimated $217 trillion valuation, it's still amazing to me that the industry is only now taking blockchain seriously. On the other hand, massive, complex and slow-moving industries like real estate are rarely innovation leaders, especially with regard to technology. But once they do adopt a technology—watch out. That's when platforms truly take off. Cloud computing is an obvious example.

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