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JUN 2019

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30 June 2019 RISMedia's REAL ESTATE Realty ONE Group to give real estate professionals a better life. (Note: Jewgieniew refuses to call them agents. Using the term "profession - als," he believes, gives them the respect they command.) But, from the beginning, he wanted something different for everyone—buyers and sellers, office staff, online traffic, friends, neighbors, partners, any - one who crosses paths with Realty ONE Group at any time. It has to be a whole different experience, or it's just not good enough. THE VERY DEFINITION OF HUMBLE BEGINNINGS We love a good "rise to greatness" story, and Jewgieniew has one. His mom, Elizabeth, and his dad, Jerzy, met at a young age in Poland and started their family with nothing. His dad was a mechanic by trade, but did his best work as an inventor. They seeded their only boy, a young, determined, sometimes mischie - vous Jewgieniew, with both humility and ambition. His parents instilled hard work and drive in their son the same way most parents instill man - ners and good hygiene. But it wasn't an easy start, as the family had very little money. "Despite what little we had, I'm so grateful to my parents for giving me what I consider to be the per - fect start in life," says Jewgieniew. "For me, it was the combination of freedom and guidance, passion and gratitude, and, ultimately, love that shaped me." His family immigrated to America and continued to build a better life. Jewgieniew worked his own way through college and, after graduat - ing from the University of California, San Diego, started a lucrative career as a financial planner and portfolio manager. But he's an inventor like his father, and was building hardware and software programs on the side; always curious, always exploring what could be. Affecting people and creating change are what Jewgieniew values most about his role in creating one of real estate's fastest-growing and most disruptive franchisors today. THE ONE DIFFERENCE With his eye fixed on what he con - siders an industry mired in tradi- tions, Jewgieniew and his leader- ship team know that real estate will look entirely different in the next decade and that the stakes are high as competition continues to flood the playing field. To entice anxious real estate agents and would-be franchise own - ers hoping to build on retirement, you have to not only stand out, but also let them know you're here to stay. To do that, you have to prove you have the foresight for what's to come and that you're thinking of not only their children, but also their chil - dren's children. And for Realty ONE Group, that means acting differently. "Creating new, compelling expe - riences for people is what it's all about for Kuba," says Mike Clear, Realty ONE Group's chief operating officer, who joined the company in 2017. "He truly believes that life is just too short to be unoriginal, and it's hard not to believe it, too, when you're around him." The make-it-different lens is used on everything, so much so that it has become second nature to the Realty ONE Group team. "We'll usually map out a project and then immediately flip it on its Giving back is a key piece of Realty ONE Group's "coolture."

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