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MAY 2019

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RISMedia's REAL ESTATE May 2019 75 {Power Teams} Conversion Conclusion by Verl Workman T here are so many varieties of lead generation sources that it's almost overwhelming to agents and the bro- kers trying to provide the best leads to their agents and teams. While the simple solution to those looking to in- crease business is to buy more leads, does that solve the real problem? By looking deeper at lead genera- tion systems, conversion rates, touch points, scripts and follow-up systems, we find that the solution to combatting a slowing market, dipping com - missions and disruptors isn't buying more leads. Instead, it's all about having a clear focus on converting more of the opportunities we have. There are seven specific steps that will lead to increased conversions: 1. Track every lead from every source on first contact. Us- ing a simple Google Docs lead tracker where every lead goes in on first contact with the most important data will in and of itself increase con - versions. Complicated lead conversion systems don't get used, and it's difficult to see the real status of each lead at a glance. 2. Schedule the next touch. Whenever you have a touch with a lead, don't just put it in the follow-up box; schedule the next touch. Call B leads twice a month and C leads once a month until you're able to schedule an appointment. 3. Take copious notes on every interaction. The more you know about your prospective client and their needs, the bet - ter your ability to serve them. I love Harvey MacKay's list of 66 things you should know about everyone you would like to do business with, from his "Swim With Sharks" book. 4. Inspect what you expect. After a great coaching week with a focus on lead conver - sion, it's clear that leaders rarely inspect what they ex - pect their agents to do. When lead conversion isn't happen - ing, look in the mirror and ask yourself if you're developing and training your people so that they can be rock stars at lead conversion. If conversion numbers are off, be consis - tent and look at what's being tracked in your lead tracker and CRM. If you inspect what you expect, your conversions will increase. 5. Test scripts, emails and text messages for better respons- es. If you're having conver- sations and not getting ap- pointments, examine what's being said. If you're sending text messages and not get - ting responses, change the message. Lead conversion is a work in progress that's con - stantly changing and adjust- ing based on what's working. Our goal as leaders is to find the right mix and make ad - justments when things aren't working. 6. Give away real value with no strings attached. While it may be tough to swallow, it's true that consumers are focused on their families, schools, proximity to work and a variety of other things that have noth - ing to do with you, the agent. So, your messaging in conver - sion should be all about them, and making sure you give them real value to promote a face-to-face conversation. Insider knowledge on coming- soon listings, an invitation to be part of your exclusive in - vestors-only group and a free site inspection or home evalu - ation are all great offers. 7. Repeat. When your conver- sion isn't getting the results you want, start at No. 1 and repeat this list. Verl Workman is the founder and CEO of Workman Success Systems (385-282-7112), an international speaking, consulting and coaching company that specializes in performance coaching and building successful power agents and teams. Contact him at Verl@WorkmanSuccessSystems.com.

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