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MAY 2019

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RISMedia's REAL ESTATE May 2019 71 WHAT ARE YOUR REAL ESTATE #SQUADGOALS? We all need a squad in this busi- ness. While you may have been thinking about it differently than to - day's youth, let's borrow some bra- vado from the young, hip kids and reimagine what our #squadgoals look like. Who do you need in your squad to propel your success and have fun along the way? There are four subgroups that make up every successful squad. 1. EXISTING CLIENTS AND NEW CLIENTS Generating new prospects and fol - lowing up with existing or potential clients is critical to a successful squad. We all know this, yet it's one of the most common weaknesses of salespeople in our profession. Don't let your squad down. You need to let them know they can rely on you, that you're going to show up for them, even when you're tired and life is throwing distractions at you. Keeping a squad-first mindset will help you stay focused on investing the time and effort that's needed to build long-term relationships with both your existing clients and new clients. The higher the level of hu - man contact with these people, the greater the return on investment. 2. RAVING FANS Past clients, friends and family may fall into the raving fans category. The barista at Starbucks may even be part of your raving fans squad. These are people who support you. Whenever they get a chance, they sing your praises and tell whomever will listen that they need to be talking to you about their real estate needs or questions. Guide your raving fans squad to tell you every time they have one of these conversations, and instruct them to get permission from the individual so that you can contact whomever they were raving to. Doing so will allow you to make a connec - tion and welcome that potential cli- ent into your existing and new client squad. 3. THIRD-PARTY AFFILIATES OR PARTNERS Known as your third-party squad, these are your wingmen and -women in mortgage, title, escrow, home in - spection, home warranty, construc- tion, etc., who solve problems and support your squad in getting the transaction done. Not only are they critical to ensuring your current cli - ents have the best resources avail- able to them, but they're also a great source of referrals. Investing in your third-party squad members is a two-way street. You benefit from their expertise and, in return, you give them support. When this type of relationship is created, the benefits are huge. 4. TECHNOLOGY PARTNERS/ SOFTWARE This last category requires that you build a squad combining people and software to become your tech squad. Find a broker who offers a complete technology platform to run your business. I'm obviously par - tial to HomeSmart's platform, Re- alSmart Agent. This platform gives our agents everything they need, from personal branding, listing, mar - keting and deal processing to man- aging every aspect of the transaction through closing and future follow-up. Your value comes from building re - lationships with your squad, not try- ing to figure out technology. With the right tech squad, you'll have more time to do just that. So, there you have it. That's your squad. Now, go have fun, help people and sell lots of real estate #squadgoals. RE Wendy Forsythe has leveraged her passion for real estate, operations and branding to help build suc- cessful real estate networks in both Canada and the U.S. She is the chief operating officer at HomeSmart International. HomeSmart combines a 100-percent commission business system with high service and robust technology to propel agents to success. To learn more, visit HomeSmart.com/join. You can reach Forsythe directly at Wendy.Forsythe@ HomeSmart.com. 4 Categories You Need in Your Business Squad Commentary by Wendy Forsythe D o a Google search on squad goals and you'll find that the phrase has become used among today's youth as an aspirational term to describe something you want to accomplish with your friends, otherwise known as your squad. Add a hashtag and apply the term to social media posts, and you have an array of #squadgoals at your fingertips.

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