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70 May 2019 RISMedia's REAL ESTATE SHARE Remember that mega sites are al- ready established as the resource for housing inventory. By posting more relevant information, you have an advantage that they don't: per - sonalization. Use detailed, local in- formation that's unavailable on big sites to share insights with unique flavor and interest, instead of just statistical data. Use social media as a channel to invite prospects to an upcoming open house, but make it about a personal connection rather than a statement of the event. For example, shoot a video of yourself in front of the property to promote your upcom - ing open house. Place the flags and balloons for interest, and anchor it with a theme of some sort to make an upcoming ordinary open house more extraordinary. Use platforms like geofencing to target the post to a specific target market, rather than simply posting a broadcast to all. Use differentiation to outperform and outcompete the big sites. When your goal is to be top-of-mind in a highly relevant way, you're more likely to connect. Here are a few posting dos and don'ts for using your digital footprint to create better response: • Don't just post for the sake of being "on" social media. Do you want to become the "celebrity au - thority" in a specific area? If so, posting specific information and relevant data clearly points to your hyperlocal expertise. When you have specific, measurable outcomes in mind, the next step is to develop a comprehensive editorial and marketing calendar that's aligned and focused with consistent messaging, position - ing you to become the local infor- mation portal. • Do consider "purposeful posting." Launch your editorial and market - ing calendar with a goal to study and monitor where you get the most response. Note which con - tent gets the most action in order to make the best decisions about future posts, as this will help you build a community of fans. Post the dates for upcoming commu - nity activities or local summer kids' programs, parades, fire - works, etc. Add interest by em- bedding links to relevant reports in your post. If your post includes several tips or initiatives, offer a link to a more detailed, download - able report from your website, or a video link that offers more de - tails to ultimately drive traffic to your website or YouTube channel. When you set up the link with a "lead capture" feature, you can monitor and measure the re - sponse to your posting. • Don't assume you need to be on all social media channels. Do your homework and determine where your expertise and special - ty will be most interesting to the reader, then start building your community. • Do be consistent. Building a com - munity requires attention, mea- suring and monitoring, with a healthy dose of sincere care. Social media can be a strong dif - ferentiator in a competitive market when the information you share is targeted, relevant and timely. When your goal is to be a resource for the needs of consumers, and you posi - tion yourself as their go-to resource, you're jump-starting the process of building strong relationships that re - sult in profitability. RE Terri Murphy is a communication engagement special- ist, author, speaker, consultant and master coach with Workman Success Systems. She is the author of five books and radio host for KWAMtheV- oice.com. For more information, please visit TerriMurphy.com or email Terri@TerriMurphy.com. Are You Posting on Social Media With Purpose? by Terri Murphy T hinking about posting a new listing on Facebook? If you're simply posting the same information available on the mega real estate inventory sites, you aren't doing yourself or your client the biggest favor. Where and how you post makes a significant difference. I'm not saying that posting new listings on social media isn't a good idea, but it's how you post that will get you results.

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