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MAY 2019

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58 May 2019 RISMedia's REAL ESTATE along the way, including a licensing school. With thousands of students, it provides a recruitment pool for the firm's offices and teams, while offering symbiotic mentorship op- portunities for new and veteran agents. What do you love most about the industry? DARYL OWEN: From the investment side, I love hav- ing the ability to grow tre- mendous wealth through the principle of leverage. From the brokerage side, I love the ability to truly build any life you want. No matter what it is, anything can be achieved by starting in real estate sales. The industry is a vehicle, one that can be used to build almost anything, and one that com- pensates you for the effort and work you put in. I love the idea of having the op- portunity to grow, and I'm comfortable being in an en- vironment that's either sink or swim, because I know that we can all succeed if we keep moving forward. How did your market fare in 2018? What factors contributed to this? DO: Our local market was down roughly 8 percent in year-over-year sales, and I would contribute that to fluctuating interest rates, affordability and limited inventory. What sort of growth plans do you have in 2019? Is it important for success? DO: Absolutely. If we're not growing, we're dying. We're currently focused on new office acquisition opportunities and growing our office and agent count while continually tweaking and improving on our cli- ent experience and agent value proposition. Our re- cruitment machine already generates 25 to 30 hires a month as-is, and we're al- ways looking for new ways to bring even more value to our associates. What sets your firm apart in the marketplace? DO: We have an incredible family-oriented culture, one that prioritizes values and has organically evolved into an absolutely fabu- lous team. I still call every person in our company on their birthday, and it's one of the highlights of my day. I love connecting with our people and reminding them how valued they are, and how much we appreci- ate them. We would not be where we are today without the collective contributions of our staff, agents, leader- ship and clients. What do agents enjoy about the firm? DO: In addition to our cul- ture, we also invest heavily in our support and training/ agent development. I be- lieve that every agent is a business, and not just a solo practitioner. Our focus is on teaching agents how to run real businesses, which is why I refer to us as entrepreneur-centric. Our technology offering evolves every year, and we're usu- ally launching up to two new flagship tools annually. This year, we're launching two automated digital marketing tools that will help agents brand themselves and gen- erate more leads with much less effort. What are the biggest frus- trations you're currently facing? DO: The recruitment land- scape has shifted from value to price, which deteri- orates the professionalism of our industry. We're happy to hold firm on our com- pensation model, which is equitable and attractive relative to our market, but it's disheartening to lose an agent you care about be- cause of fees. I've learned that no matter what you do, or what you offer, you can't save them all, and I've got- ten better at not taking it personally. How do you ensure that the client feels important? DO: We recently launched a few initiatives exclusively focused on elevating the client's experience. This isn't just about offering the right technology—or a new, shiny object—but wowing the client in a way that they can't imagine using any- one but my agent again. This will lead to more re- ferrals and a better overall experience when buying or selling, and includes strategic touch points and value items provided be- fore, during and after the close of escrow. We're also prioritizing the educational process of the transaction for the client so that they know what to expect, and when. RE VITALS: Nationwide Real Estate Executives Years in business: 8 Size: 8 offices, 603 agents Regions served: Orange County, Los Angeles County and minimal service to Riverside and San Bernardino Counties 2018 sales volume: $724,389,065 2018 transactions: 1,266 www.nreliving.com "I love connecting with our people and reminding them how valued they are, and how much we appreciate them." - DARYL OWEN Founder, Nationwide Real Estate Executives

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