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RISMedia's REAL ESTATE May 2019 53 value in the strategic application of blockchain technol- ogy within the real estate supply chain. According to Proctor, some of the most notable ap - plications center around the value chain for home pur- chases and rentals, as well as the issuance and trading of real estate-related financial instruments. And much of Genesis Block's business currently comes from the real estate industry. "Genesis Block is fortunate to have a broad-based advisory business that touches almost every vertical impacted by blockchain technology, including real es - tate, which is a sector in which blockchain's impact is already material and appears to be accelerating," says Proctor. As more and more people see the benefits to the ser - vices provided by companies like ShelterZoom, an inter- esting trend has taken shape as the technology's usage within real estate has seen a slow—yet steady—build. "The reason [for this] is that market participants are gaining an increasingly clear understanding of how thoughtful application of the technology can make the market more transparent, efficient and effective," says Proctor. In addition to the excitement surrounding the steady rise of blockchain's application within real estate, Proctor takes great pleasure in working with ShelterZoom, in par - ticular, speaking regularly with President Allen Alishahi and CEO Chao Cheng-Shorland. Proctor adds that it's "their combined expertise and experience—Allen in real estate, Chao in technology— that makes them well-equipped to lead the charge to leverage the transformative potential of blockchain tech - nology in the real estate marketplace." For more information, please visit www.shelterzoom.com. Striking Gold in the Lead Generation Game HOMES.COM'S LOCAL CONNECT PROGRAM UPS THE ANTE FOR ONE OHIO REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONAL by John Voket F or Tonya Snyder, a simple stroke of luck led her to Homes.com while exploring lead generation platforms during the first few months of her real estate career. Snyder, a REALTOR® with RE/MAX Alliance in Dayton, Ohio, has made Homes.com her self-proclaimed "secret weapon." In fact, she's managed to keep her exclusiv - ity on the platform in her market—as well as her success using Homes.com's Local Connect program— under wraps and out of the watchful eye of other real estate professionals in her area. She's also finding herself so busy that in the last month alone, she com - pleted three deals on leads that were all generated due to her strategic Homes.com presence. And, as of press time, she's got two more poised to close. "Our market in the Dayton area is like a lot of other ar - eas of the country: inventory-poor with lots of buyers. But I haven't slowed down one bit," says Snyder, who recently celebrated two-and-a-half years in the industry. "Being a new agent, I didn't have a large number of clients I could depend on for referrals, so I began explor - ing several of the lead generation programs out there to see what worked and what didn't," recalls Snyder. "I stopped at Homes.com because they appeared to pro - vide the greatest value." As evidence of that value, Snyder notes that in 2018, she spent less than $3,000 with Homes.com for leads in zip codes that were mostly rural, with fewer homes per square mile, while her colleagues were prospecting in neighborhoods closer to urban centers. But it was Snyder who seemed to strike gold. "I spent around $2,500 with Homes.com and closed 20 houses," she says. Snyder also taps her Homes.com representative for help projecting where the next hot crop of prospects might be, in addition to which zip codes may drop. Currently, Snyder has a line on Homes.com leads from 15 zip codes in her area, and because they're relatively sparse in terms of population, she's the sole Homes.com agent serving a good number of them. "A colleague of mine ran the numbers for me and I paid around $119 per deal on the leads I closed through Homes.com last year, and my ROI was nearly $2,300 for every dollar I spent, which we don't even talk about around the office," jokes Snyder. "When agents in the business ask me what my secret is, I tell them to go out and explore the programs them - selves to find the right one." Compared to her first year as an agent when she sold 38 homes, Snyder upped her game and closed more than 50 in 2018. "And 20 of those I got from Homes.com." RE For more information, please visit marketing.homes.com.

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