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MAY 2019

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52 May 2019 RISMedia's REAL ESTATE fice info, you can run reports from your phone in no time at all," says Oates, who explains that a response time of seconds could make or break a deal in today's current environment. "To be able to pull a report while I'm speaking to someone at an open house provides the perception that I'm better than the agent they saw at the last open house who still hasn't gotten them the information." Another huge win is the fact that the information isn't only coming from MLSs, but tax records, as well. "We don't have to go out and get a third-party system or find a new way to do CMAs or market activity reports, because all of the information from the shared MLSs is being poured into RPR," says Oates. While the platform is one of the most cost-efficient and time-effective products Oates has ever used, it's also a boon when it comes to wowing both existing and poten - tial clients. "Clients let down their guard a little when they see this because it makes me look professional," says Oates. "Customers also like that they can see where the infor - mation is coming from and if any adjustments are made by the agent. They can see that we're not just pulling numbers from out of the air." One of Oates' favorite things about RPR is that it al - lows company branding, and can be customized to rein- force the brand name on generated reports. Additionally, RPR's Broker Tool Set allows him to customize it for his brokerage. "This gives us a leg up and puts us right up there next to the big guys," adds Oates. "RPR has so much content that those who dive into it and customize it to meet their needs will get so much out of it." For more information, please visit www.narrpr.com. Leveraging the Transformative Potential of Blockchain Technology HOW SHELTERZOOM IS TRANSFORMING THE REAL ESTATE MARKETPLACE® by Jameson Doris S amuel Proctor, chief executive officer at Genesis Block, co-founded his company in November 2017 with the intention of assisting companies that are looking to leverage blockchain technology in their core business and capital strategy. One such company that's gaining recognition in the space today is ShelterZoom. Having created a real estate application that allows buyers and sellers to transact deals over a blockchain- based network, it was an obvious choice for ShelterZoom to seek out Genesis Block's services. In fact, it was Lee Schneider, a prominent blockchain/digital assets attor - ney—and co-founder of Genesis Block—who first con- nected with the multi-party real estate platform. "We decided to advise them because we recognized the tremendous experience of ShelterZoom's manage - ment team," says Proctor, "and we wanted to help them bring their transformative blockchain technology solution to market." As an advisee of Genesis Block's advisory business, ShelterZoom receives world-class strategic advice. "The Genesis Block team advises ShelterZoom on blockchain and digital asset strategy, capital markets is - sues, regulatory optimization and transaction structuring and accounting," explains Proctor. In terms of the mainstream application of blockchain technology in the real estate industry, while Proctor ad - mits that the underlying process of adoption is still in its infancy, the actual technology is being used more than the public may realize. At the most basic level, blockchain technology increas - es the speed, efficiency and security of the overall home- buying process. What's obvious now is that there's real RPR "Wows" Clients and Helps Agents Close Deals

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