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APR 2019

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60 April 2019 RISMedia's REAL ESTATE T IPPER WILLIAMS serves the Northern Virginia market as oper- ating principal of KELLER WILLIAMS VIRGINIA REALTY ALLIANCE GROUP . She believes training and consulting agents on how to leverage technology creates success for all. "Our indus- try has always evolved, and the most successful agents have always been the ones that evolved within the in- dustry by re-training their mindset and making changes or adjustments as needed," she says. "This market is no different, other than the exceptional agents have to find what technology is best for their business and the con- sumer's experience." Williams adds that the firm's most important competitive advantage is the technology it offers to associates. "Plug-and-play platforms that are de- signed specifically for our real estate model enhance our associates' ability to run their business and allow them to focus on the individual needs of their client." S oCal-based FIRST TEAM REAL ESTATE has grown to 30 offices and more than 2,000 agents. Presi- dent MICHAEL MAHON says its com- petitive advantage rests solely with First Team's associates and staff. "While being recognized as the No. 1 independent closed volume broker- age across Southern California is an amazing achievement, it is the focus and dedication of the associates and staff of First Team that truly differenti- ates our organization in the market," he says. A challenge ahead, however, is the looming political landscape. "As elec- tion season warms up, we're con- cerned that all the negative media in- volving both political parties will weigh on consumer confidence, initiating a slowdown in the housing cycle, as op- posed to the many positives that are occurring in economic growth and job opportunities," Mahon says. A s owner and president of Chantilly, Va.-based RE/MAX GATEWAY , SCOTT MACDONALD leads approxi- mately 175 agents throughout Vir- ginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C. "The market today is so dynamic. There are new 'players,' rates are up or down weekly, houses sell quickly or sit on the market with no activity, prices are rising in some areas while remaining flat in others," he says. "An agent today needs to know how to communicate their value by know- ing how to speak to these issues, as well as others that are of concern to the consumer. This communication must be continuous and through mul- tiple channels: video, emails, news- letters, phone calls and one-to-one meetings. The consumer today is inundated with information, but the knowledgeable agent can set them- selves apart." W ith more than 120,000 affiliates in mind, RE/MAX, LLC is heavily investing in mar- keting, tech and training this year. According to CEO ADAM CONTOS, "Our surveys show that agents want the company focus to be on three main things: technology, training and marketing. We're playing offense in all three areas, freeing agents up to do what they do best: working with clients, cultivating relationships and building their business. In technology, we're rolling out an ecosystem of new, data-driven RE/MAX prod- ucts this summer. In training, we've invested heavily in our exclusive Momentum professional development programs, which help brokers and agents systemize their operations. Our 2019 national marketing campaign, which has shifted more toward digital and social, includes a new tool that enables agents to create personally branded videos in less than a minute." "The real estate industry follows cycles and reacts according to the law of supply and demand. The real estate firm of today needs to be nimble and adapt to change rapidly." - ALEXANDER KARAVASILIS President, RE/MAX Advantage Realty Michael Mahon Scott MacDonald Tipper Williams Adam Contos

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