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APR 2019

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RISMedia's REAL ESTATE April 2019 59 O ne of the biggest challenges for consumers, according to TODD HETHERINGTON , CEO of CENTURY 21 NEW MILLENNIUM/NM MAN- AGEMENT, INC. , is the crowded mar- ket. "One of the biggest challenges facing today's real estate consumers is sifting through all the different of- ferings and models that exist through- out our marketplace. They're looking for not just the 'cheapest' offering, but rather, the offering that will best meet their needs and represent them in their best interest. "Our growth plan involves a two- pronged approach: growing organically by consistently demonstrating our val- ue proposition to top agents and top teams throughout our existing market- place; and simultaneously merging in like-minded, like-cultured companies and top teams to complement our ex- isting geographic footprint." F resh off a rebrand, HALSTEAD 's of- fices are singing. According to CEO and Chairman DIANE M. RAMIREZ , adapting the brand cemented its lead- ership in the market, and brought a competitive differentiator to the fore- front: its culture. "Our rebrand was huge for us. To compete in the market today, we're looking at who we are and making certain that we're the best we can be for our agents, and, in turn, for their customers. What I'm most proud of, and I believe is very enviable in the community, is our culture. There are so many disruptors and distractions in our marketplace—to a degree, it's consumed our industry. We always have to look at what's around us, but we're determined to focus on who we are. We're doubling down on our strengths. Our strategy is focusing on what differentiates us." W ith a trio of offices in Northern New Jersey, JORDAN BARIS, INC., REALTORS® is prepping its team for success with an abundance of regularly scheduled training. "We offer Lunchtime Learning Tuesdays and Tech Talk Thursdays," says KEN BARIS , president of the firm. "Friday Morning Power Hour is a weekly meet- ing with guest speakers on timely top- ics. This, along with our online acad- emy, Institute, powered by Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®, helps us continually evolve and stay at the forefront." The key to the firm's ongoing suc- cess is a willingness to adapt to ever-changing markets while staying true to its culture. "We have weekly WIG (Wildly Important Goal) calls with our entire support team, where each person offers something that will en- hance the experience for our team and clients," Baris says. W ith 26 branch offices in three Florida counties, MICHAEL SAUNDERS & COMPANY relies on 43 years of experience and has deep local roots and a passion for helping buyers and sellers from ev- ery walk of life. "Trust and care are two elements essential today, and always will be," says MICHAEL SAUNDERS, found- er and CEO of the company. Saun- ders notes that it's easy to see why people are moving to Florida in re- cord numbers. "Florida is one of the lowest tax states; and equally appealing, Flor- ida does not burden its residents with a state income tax," she says. "In addition, the Sarasota area and its reputation as Florida's cultural capital, with stunning beaches and recreational opportunities, is an- other major draw. All these factors combined are having an extremely positive effect on our market." "What I'm most proud of, and I believe is very enviable in the community, is our culture." - DIANE M. RAMIREZ CEO and Chairman, Halstead Todd Hetherington Diane M. Ramirez Ken Baris Michael Saunders

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