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APR 2019

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RISMedia's REAL ESTATE April 2019 37 In fact, I'm still riding a wave of adrenaline after an amazing RE/MAX R4 Convention last month in Las Ve - gas. The 2019 event drew more than 6,000 energized attendees from over 60 countries. It was an electric four days of education, networking and all-out fun (including a private Tim McGraw concert). Here are a few takeaways: 1. The best never settle One truth driven home at this event, and many others I attend, is that the most successful people never settle. They're always learning, growing and building their business. The packed classrooms and workshops at R4 were a visible illustration of this. Many of the attendees are already at the top of the profession, but they still go all-in on staying current and becoming even better. Another thing I like about high achievers is their passion for shar - ing. At sessions where $750,000 earners were trying to reach $1 mil - lion—or where $100,000 producers wanted to jump to $250,000—the dynamic between the generous pan - elists and hungry learners was awe- some to see. The message from the stage was clear: "I made it here, and you can, too. Let me help you." 2. Being global creates an edge One of my favorite events during our convention is the Global Referral Ex - change. It's a lively celebration with colorful clothes, giveaways, local foods, an infectious energy, and it's where connections are made. The chance to meet face-to-face with a potential referral partner who lives thousands of miles from you is a unique advantage in our indus - try. Global connections and referral streams open new doors of busi - ness and help insulate you from lo- cal dips. Having a network of trusted colleagues around the world can be a very good thing, especially in the luxury market. 3. Video can change everything Video has become an essential marketing tool. The R4 video ses - sions were packed with agents who wanted to know more. If you're nervous about video, don't be. Just jump in and start. And if you're al - ready doing it, keep going, because the intersection of short video clips and social media is the sweet spot right now—and it will be for the fore - seeable future. It's a pretty simple formula: Be strategic. Be authentic. Provide val - ue. Repeat. 4. The power of association is real You golf better when you play with better golfers. Period. In our busi - ness, being part of a productive culture makes you more productive. It's the power of association, and it's very real. Events like the R4 Convention bring it into full view. When you're connecting with some of the top agents and brokers in the world, you can't help but walk away inspired to do better. I know this firsthand. The bottom line is that we're all busy, and it's hard to break away to attend a convention in another city. But make the time and go. Your invest - ment will pay off in all sorts of ways. As long as you're doing it, you might as well choose an event that can re - ally change your life. I know a pretty great one I'd recommend. RE Adam Contos is CEO of RE/MAX, LLC. For more information, visit www.remax.com. {Business Building} Invest in Yourself and Attend a Convention by Adam Contos W hether it's a national conference or a local mastermind group, there's something special about getting together with real estate professionals to share ideas and learn new things. I always leave these events feeling motivated and inspired.

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