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MAR 2019

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90 March 2019 RISMedia's REAL ESTATE MP: Can you quantify your ability to deliver leads? DC: CINC is a Google Premier Part- ner, delivering well north of 3 million leads to our clients in 2018, and we're managing close to 4 million keywords for our clients. On a sin - gle client account, we do 40,000 to 50,000 changes per month on keyword modifications. CINC is on a mission to generate exclusive leads at scale and reduce cost-per-lead. For example, we have decreased cost-per-lead by 24 percent year- over-year, while we increased the number of CINC clients. MP: So what segments of the real estate industry do you service? DC: The core group we service is elite real estate teams. We work with over 3,000 top-producing teams comprised of 50,000-plus agents. From a production perspec - tive, we're working with the elite of the elite, meaning that typically, someone using our software service is doing 30 or more transactions a year. The median number of trans - actions exceeds 100. The origin of the business was built around meeting the needs of elite teams and was specifically designed to help teams not just with lead generation, but lead con - version. As a result, we also offer clients our CINC Xchange service, which is a call center managing more than 20,000 leads a month, and that number continues to grow. MP: So, you built the product with teams in mind. But then you expanded… DC: Yes, in 2018, we expanded our product offering to top-producing agents by introducing our CINC Pro Agent solution for elite solo agents. In 2018, we also launched CINC Pro Lender, specifically to help drive new purchase business. More and more consumers are starting the home-buying process by getting pre-approved, and we have the abil - ity to connect our lender partners with top-producing REALTORS® in the marketplace who can ensure that clients are taken care of and not bifurcate the lender from the process. Finally, this year, we've launched an enterprise solution designed to service brokers and franchis - es: CINC Pro Broker and CINC En- terprise. We now have a family of products to support a franchise, brokers, teams, individual agents and lenders, all within the umbrella of the CINC brand. MP: That's a broad and comprehensive value proposition. How are you helping customers in all segments grow their business...and contend with increasing competition on many fronts? DC: With the ability to generate ex- clusive leads from new sources. There's concern over competing with a variety of lead sources in the market. Most new clients come to us having made significant invest - ments with large aggregators. CINC is helping our clients drive these exclusive leads from new digital sources. In addition, CINC is generating leads that are early in the real es - tate decision-making process. Giv- en the early lead engagement, CINC has developed not only the tech - nology that allows the relationship to be managed, but also provided add-on services, where many of our clients are deficient or can't scale. One example is the CINC Xchange call center. Many clients can't make timely phone calls or properly size- up the opportunity. There is a strug - gle to identify a "now" opportunity or a "long-term" opportunity. Our solutions support this segmenting process, and we are making invest - ments to scale this area. The final component involves help - ing to move clients into the trans- actional stage. We're helping our real estate clients more effectively engage the consumer during the transaction process. As such, we are committed to developing an integrat - ed experience starting with lead en- gagement, and continuing through- out the life of the client relationship. MP: Real estate technology is evolving so rapidly, and so many new models are constantly hiing the market. How does CINC handle this ongoing challenge? DC: We have aligned with the pre- mier real estate practitioners and coaches in the industry. Our com - munity proactively collaborates with specific coaches and thought lead - Everything that's done at CINC centers on driving leads and lead conversion— and doing it at scale.

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