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MAR 2019

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RISMedia's REAL ESTATE March 2019 89 Maria Paerson: David, you're a tech veteran in real estate. Let's start by bringing folks up to speed on how you landed at CINC. David Camp: Previously in my career, I was involved with FNF's tech ini - tiatives and investments. I started with FNIS in 2002 and left in 2007 to start another company, which was sold to Real Estate Digital (RED). In 2016, Fidelity made the decision to purchase what most people knew as Commissions Inc and what would eventually evolve to CINC. With the FNF acquisition of CINC, I came in as SVP and chief revenue officer in 2017. MP: CINC is part of a larger investment by FNF, correct? DC: Yes, FNF investments also in- clude RealGeeks (CRM) and Sky- Slope (transaction management). The FNF vision and mission, which is to create a system that's truly end-to-end—from generating a lead to supporting clients at the point of engagement, all the way to closing and beyond—motivated my return to the company. The FNF mission is to provide technology that not only makes the entire process seamless, but allows our custom - ers to monetize more. Today, as commission pressure continues to increase, it's more difficult for bro - kers/agents/teams to extract reve- nue from the real estate process. CINC is committed to overcoming these challenges by providing prac - tical technology solutions, and sup- porting our clients by implementing revenue-generating solutions. FNF as an organization is vested in the success of the real estate agent and the real estate broker more so than anyone in this space. We see the changes happening in the industry that threaten the busi - ness of the agent and broker. From FNF's perspective, it's critical to align in a variety of ways with the agent, broker and teams because we have the resources to help them contend with the stresses that exist in the marketplace. MP: Tell us about the company name branding as CINC… DC: Our rebrand and subsequent renaming underscore almost a de - cade of rapid growth and brand evolution within the ever-changing real estate industry. Rebranding as CINC is truly reflective of the ways in which we simplify our clients' lives, and aligns with our vision to remain a leader in the industry. We previ - ously refreshed our logo and brand identity, and now, we're making it official with a redesigned website and domain, www.cincpro.com, and a full product suite to include CINC Pro Agent, CINC Pro Broker, CINC Pro Lender, and more. MP: I know that CINC offers a lot to real estate professionals, but how would you describe your primary service? DC: The mission for CINC is our abil- ity to generate leads at scale and to provide technology and services that allow those leads to be seg - mented and converted. Everything we do across all segments is about driving leads and lead conversion, and the ability to do that at scale. David Camp (center), CINC SVP and chief revenue officer—and his entire team— are poised to overcome the challenges associated with extracting revenue from the real estate process by providing practical technology solutions. I n a sea of technology providers, CINC rises to the top for many indisputable reasons. The firm's ability to scale lead generation and conversion, and the resources and connectivity of parent company Fidelity National Financial (FNF), are just two of them. Formed in 2011 and acquired by FNF in 2016, CINC has evolved from its previous identity as Commissions Inc to part of a "cradle- to-grave" tech solution that helps real estate professionals go from lead to client for life. "We don't make it about technology. We make it about growing your business," says CINC SVP and Chief Revenue Officer David Camp. Here, Camp details why the company is not just another here-today-gone-tomorrow tech player, but rather, a long-term partner for real estate professionals of the future.

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