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MAR 2019

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86 March 2019 RISMedia's REAL ESTATE comparing it to other purchases or sales in their lives. We're constantly focused not just on residential real estate, but other industries, as well. Everything we do is centered around making sure agents are positioned to service customers at an extremely high level. We're ardent in our quest to constantly develop and secure the tools, systems and training to exe - cute on the developing needs of our various markets and consumers. MP: Can you give me an example of that? GR: Our new voice search skill is a great example. If you look at the No. 1 product purchased this past holiday season, it was the Amazon Echo. Fifty percent of searches by 2020 will be on voice, and 14 per - cent of consumers are investigating home value information on voice. We're investing in where the con - sumer is going. MP: Do you worry about the so- called "disruptors"? TM: We think that we are a disruptor. We don't consider ourselves a tra - ditional real estate company. We're laser-focused on service to con - sumers and agents. What's more, we built a strong culture that en - ables agents to be very successful. There's a lot of value and stability in what we offer. GR: People want to do business with people. We provide this level of support to agents so they can have interpersonal relationships with con - sumers. The so-called "disruptors" are about price or speed—not about relationships. RG: To Gary's point about price, a disruptor is somebody who's iden - tified a gap in a service experience based on consumer sentiment, and goes to exploit that gap with a new service model. In all the qualities that differentiate a company, a focus on price is neither rare nor hard to replicate. RH: A focus on service also allows the organization to have the reten - tion necessary to push forward from a growth perspective. Growth is not about sign-on bonuses and dis - counting. MP: You really emphasize the fact that you, as the company's leaders, work for your agents . What does that look like? TM: Communication is a big part of it. We're constantly reaching out to agents to find out what's going on in their lives—we're very much like a family. We also want to know what they don't like...what problems they're having. Agents know they're fully supported and that we've got their backs. If a mistake occurs with a customer, we will make it right. GR: I pride myself on the fact that we're out in the offices with agents constantly. I know most agents on a first-name basis, as do Tim and Ralph. We have almost 1,400 agents, but the number is irrelevant. We val - ue the relationship with all of them, and we want them to know that. MP: How does this type of personal connection resonate with the young- er generation of agents? Does it maer as much? GR: Absolutely. We recently had a 23-year-old join the firm and I called him to say, "Welcome," and gave him my cell number. At a company event, he introduced himself and told me how much he appreciated that phone call. RH: No matter the generation, every- one craves communication. The way they want to communicate might be slightly different (social and other - wise), but they love engaging with the leadership team. TM: We basically have an upside down pyramid with the owners at the bottom, and the agents at the top. We've been blessed to do some good things for people, and we ask all of our agents to do something nice for someone every week. Hav - ing good, quality people is more im- portant than the number of people we have. MP: How do you ensure your agents are geing everything they need to deliver for consumers? GR: We listen to what their needs are. We ask, "What can we do bet - ter, and how can we help?" Agents know they can give us constructive At Coldwell Banker Advantage/Sea Coast Advantage/Chicora Advantage, everything revolves around making sure agents are positioned to service customers at an extremely high level.

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