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MAR 2019

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44 March 2019 RISMedia's REAL ESTATE Tapping Into the Lucrative Rental Market RENTAL CONNECT FROM HOMES.COM SETS THE STAGE FOR BUSINESS NOW—AND WELL INTO THE FUTURE by John Voket L ike any new real estate professional, when she broke into the business in late 2013, Jen Carlisle was beginning a new career with no experience and no leads. But she eventually managed to find a niche that she felt a lot of other agents were ignoring: clients looking for help securing a rental. "When I started in real estate, I had no business," says Carlisle, "so I did all the rental leads and slowly, but surely, those renters came to me and said, 'I'm ready to buy.'" Carlisle, a REALTOR® at Costello Real Estate and In - vestments in Charlotte, N.C., with additional offices in Raleigh, N.C., and Fort Mill, S.C., recently enlisted the best partner she could find to connect her to prospects: Homes.com and its Rental Connect product. "I used to work for a company that did a lot of prop - erty management, so when I went to Costello, I didn't have any more rental leads, so my broker/owner sug - gested I contact all the lead-generation companies— a n d Homes.com was the only one that provided the kind of rental leads I could use," says Carlisle, who recently got a call about a $2,800-per-month rental. "Some of these are pretty high-end inquiries," notes Carlisle, who goes on to explain that a majority of the renters she's met have unique needs because they have a high self-employment income, less-than-perfect credit or they simply aren't able to buy. After connecting these particular clients to a rental, Carlisle can work with them like a full-service finan - cial counselor, helping them transition to lease-to-own situations at a rate of one or two homes per month, virtually all coming from her Homes.com rental leads program. One recent lead involved an individual with high veri - fied income, but a lower-than-preferred credit score. Car- lisle used her experience and knowledge to counsel the client, and was able to help him achieve his homeowner - ship goal relatively quickly. "He only needed a few more points on that credit score, so I studied his credit report and advised him to pay just a few more things off," says Carlisle. "Once he paid off those accounts, he immediately qualified for a lease-to-own program on a gorgeous home he'll be ready to buy in three to five years." As she's settled into her niche over the years, Carl - isle finds that the renters she works with are more than grateful when she calls. "Many of them say that as soon as they talk about their credit score, a lot of real estate professionals won't work with them," says Carlisle, "but there are a lot more people with past credit issues than there are perfect credit scores." In addition to the easy-to-use CRM interface that Homes.com provides, Carlisle has also developed a great relationship with her Homes.com rep, who she says has become like a close friend. "In six months, I've developed 90 leads," says Carl - isle, who is already getting new referrals from people she helped from her Homes.com leads. "I've only been using Homes.com for six or seven months, and I've already made $50,000 or $60,000 from their leads," she adds. Thanks to her success rate, Carlisle was invited to be part of Costello's training team, a role in which she helps new agents learn how to convert lease-to-own and rental clients into homeowners. Naturally, one of the tools she recommends to every new real estate professional to help them jump-start their careers is Homes.com. RE For more information, please visit https://marketing.homes.com/advertising/ property-managers/.

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