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MAR 2019

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32 March 2019 RISMedia's REAL ESTATE also provide agents with important intel regarding clients. "We can let them know that a client is still waiting on documents, so don't go out and show them properties yet," says Rye. "We don't want the agent to be in a situation where they're putting an offer on something that the client's not ready for. We want to make sure it's a strong offer, and that we can get the transaction go - ing right away." Agents are also able to refer prospective buyers to their Agent Relationship Manager to inquire about preapproval. "A lot of first- time buyers are not preapproved, so I send them to my Relationship Manager, and he can tell me in 10 - 15 minutes whether they can be ap - proved," says Spargo. "And if they can't, he works with them and tells them what they need to do to get approved." Perhaps the biggest benefit of an Agent Relationship Manager is the virtually round-the-clock availability, something busy real estate profes - sionals find invaluable. "We believe it is important to be available seven days a week to update our Pre-Qualification and Verified Approval Letters for agents ready to place an offer," says Sible. "We provide agents with our cellphone numbers and give them access to us through email and text, as well. I make myself available to help with any need, anytime, anywhere." Corry can attest to this. "Access is 24/7. If I'm writing an offer over the weekend and need the lender letter, it's easy to reach out to my Relationship Manager. The Rela - tionship Manager even allows me to work with certain loan officers if I want to. That way, if I'm working with more than one Quicken Loans client, I can review the whole port - folio at once. That's a tremendous benefit." IT ALL GOES BACK TO TRUST "When an agent works with me transaction after transaction, we're building a relationship," says Rye. "They know that they can call me on a Sunday afternoon for help with a new client they're working with. They know I'm available. We've worked together on other transactions, and we've built trust. When you've shown your value to someone, they know they can rely on you." And this, in turn, empowers real estate professionals to be there for their clients. "Since my clients feel like they are getting the personal service they deserve, they are much more relaxed," explains Cooley. "The home-buying process can be intimi - dating, so taking that part away is very helpful to them and to me as their REALTORĀ®. " Working with Quicken Loans through her Agent Relationship Manager has enabled Spargo to build her business in a small town where word-of-mouth referrals are invaluable. "It's amazing to be able to pick up the phone and get some - one you know, trust and respect because of what they've been able to do for your clients," says Spar - go. "You know you can depend on what they're saying. It's good for my clients, too. They can go online or call directly and know exactly where they are in the process and what they have to do." Jenkins also benefits from refer - rals that come her way thanks to positive experiences she provides with the help of Quicken Loans. "The amazing portal Quicken Loans and Rocket Mortgage offers to me and my buyers makes the buy - ing process seamless," she says. "There is never a question of what is expected or where we are in the process. This makes everyone look good, and when we look good, buy - ers tell their friends and family." MORE GREAT EXPERIENCES IN THE FUTURE For Quicken Loans, reinventing the mortgage process is an ongoing journey that requires a constant eye on the changing needs of consum - ers and real estate professionals. "If it isn't broken, we want to break it in the right ways," says Gurman. "We're constantly talking to agents to get their feedback and find out ways we can make their lives easier, whether that's through technology or process improvements." Wegner adds: "We are making sure we stay close to our consum - ers and engaging our real estate professionals in the development process. We are looking from the outside in, versus staying on the inside. "We are completely committed to delivering value to our client, not what we believe to be value." THE END GOAL IS TO BUILD A POSITIVE EXPERIENCE "In today's world, clients are look- ing for you to create a memorable experience," says Dempsey. "'How did you make me feel?' That's what directs you back to a specific brand and makes you want to work with them again. The Power Buying Process is one step in our goal to create the most memorable experi - ence we can for a client." Gurman says that the process is still evolving. "We want to con - tinue to revolutionize the process for agents and for homeowners and create an amazing experience. We are truly committed, at the highest level, to build out an experience that is second to none and that gives ev - eryone certainty in the home-buying process." RE For more information, please visit RealEstate.QuickenLoans.com.

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