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MAR 2019

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The theme of self-improvement isn't interwoven solely within hiring practices either; it's a foundational pillar across the board for MoxiWorks, tying into the company's product roadmap. "While we move our assets around and invest in new product areas, we also continuously enhance all of the products we have," says Baur, who emphasizes that MoxiWorks doesn't leave products for dead. "We have a continuous improvement philosophy here, both for our employees and our products." For example, this past year, the company reinvested in MoxiMarketing, adding a next-level capability that not only allows agents to engage in advertising to promote themselves, but also allows brokerages to advertise listings centrally in a fully automated way—a first for the industry. Baur believes this methodology for con - tinuous development will lead to more tech advances in the future. Also rooted in the company's core values is a commitment to the community. According to Baur, the desire to participate in charitable events was born or - ganically. Although a fledgling effort when he started, there was already a volunteer team that worked to raise money for the local community. "I've had a few comments from my team, members of which were looking for a way to give back to the com - munity," says Chouaniere. "There's a perception that millennials don't really care about [community involve - ment], but overwhelmingly, the response was, 'Thank you for raising awareness.' We spurred that thought in their heads." While MoxiFund, the company's charitable arm, has thrived regardless of age-specific participation, Baur has found that young participants provide an "energy, optimism, fresh perspective and creativity regarding fundraising." And the charitable spirit of MoxiWorks, generated nat - urally by the company's diverse hiring practices and a cooperative drive to advance, has led to a free-flowing ex - change of ideas in which "the best idea wins"—a philos- ophy Chouaniere has committed to throughout his career that also rings true for MoxiWorks, leading to continued growth and a constant focus on what matters most. "The fundamentals of the industry, in my belief, will never change," emphasizes Baur. "This is a human busi - ness. We're not here to replace humans, but rather, we're here to help humans through technology. We're about helping the consumer, and we hire to that profile." RE For more information, please visit www.moxiworks.com. NAR National Association of REALTORS® LET'S OWN OUR FUTURE . YOU CAN LEAD THE WAY . C O M M I T M E N T T O E X C E L L E N C E C2EX.realtor Commitment to Excellence is a program that empowers REALTORS ® to enhance and showcase their high level of professionalism, and gives them the advantage in an increasingly competitive market. Help your agents become advocates for their future. Be committed to excellence. Go to C2EX.realtor to get started!

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