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MAR 2019

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96 March 2019 RISMedia's REAL ESTATE Fueling Growth Through Industry Forums and Seminars by Zoe Eisenberg Kevin Markarian Founder/CEO Marker Real Estate San Francisco, Calif. https://markerrealestate.com Region served: San Francisco, Orange County, Los Angeles and Southern California Years in real estate: 17 Number of offices: 4 Number of agents: 60 You're incredibly busy with your business growth, yet you take time to speak at meetings and on panels. Why? One thing I've learned about real estate is that you really never know it all. So, by being around people operating their business at a high level, you real - ize how much more you could be doing. I went right from high school to being a real estate agent, and I've learned so much from master - minding. My business has excelled because of the relationships I've built at events. Do successful real estate pros focus on continuing education? Abso - lutely. The most successful people I know are constantly learning. If you're not learning, you're not mov - ing forward, and if you're not mov- ing forward, you're moving back- wards. And, when you reach a high level of success, you can begin to feel alone or even stuck. Going to these events allows you to connect with other people doing things at a high level, in a different area with a different perspective. What are some of the venues you frequent? I've been focusing on pri - vate mastermind events, especially one called Deep Dive that myself and a few others help run. Re - cently, we rented a luxury property, invited 40 real estate professionals and really broke down the specific struggles in their businesses. We also attend Closing Tables, LCA One and LCA Live, in addition to the realtor.com® summit, although we're focusing on smaller events. Why the focus on smaller sessions? The big conferences can feel sur - face-level and, often, people leave feeling overwhelmed or scattered. So, I like to focus on the smaller mastermind events that are more intimate and much more valuable. Also, you don't necessarily need to go to a physical event to gain ac - cess. I'm part of a Facebook group called Real Closers where industry experts share best practices. The industry is moving in the direction of transparency and an abundance mindset, instead of a scarcity mind - set like 10 years ago. Can you give an example of some - thing you learned in an educational session that you used to close more business? We're always learning about lead conversion, and since we're spending money on market - ing with realtor.com®, it's important to understand how to generate leads, but, more importantly, how to close and convert. What is driving the growth of your teams and brokers? Our growth is being driven by leveraging the tools and technology that allow us to provide value to our agents in the form of lead systems, mentorship support and coaching. I was an in - dividual agent for almost 13 years, so I know what it feels like. I know what the challenges are, so I built our company around those. Have your top challenges changed since you started in real estate? At any given time, our biggest chal - lenge is determining where the leads are coming from. We've been using realtor.com® for many years and have built our business around the platform and a few other sources. We've gotten better over the years in regard to conversion and teaching agents how to convert and close more transactions. There's always change occurring when it comes to technology, as well as ways to improve, so staying on top of the latest idea and things that are happening is important. To do this, we host our own events and attend lots of others to stay connected and on the cutting edge. What can you do now that you couldn't do five years ago? We're not confined to local proximity anymore. We can now build teams nationwide by leveraging leads we purchase through realtor.com® to find agents and provide them op - portunities to work with clients all over the country. For more information, please visit hub.realtor.com/team.

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