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RISMedia's REAL ESTATE February 2019 81 10 percent margins, this is a huge advantage. Are you leaning on specific tech - nologies to make your office more efficient, your team more produc - tive, or both? We lean a lot on HomeSmart's proprietary technol - ogy as it streamlines almost every aspect of the brokerage business, driving more profitability to the brokerage. Additionally, our agents can produce professional market - ing pieces instantly from almost any device. They have the ability to upload their transaction documents to our system from anywhere, elimi - nating the need to carry sensitive personal information around with them. How is HomeSmart making it easier for brokers to develop next-gen real estate professionals with a focus on client relations? With our agent panel, we've nearly eliminated the need for traditional paperwork as transaction documents can be completed and uploaded utilizing any device. Our staff will compile, review and audit all documents for compliance so that our profession - als can concentrate on their clients' needs. In addition, we have licensed transaction coordinators that follow- up on the transactional details, allowing our professionals to assist clients with the emotional moments that come with their move. Are there any expansion oppor - tunities on the horizon in 2019? There's a massive shift about to happen in our industry within the next five years. A large majority of our broker/owners are at or near retirement age, and there isn't a definitive exit strategy in our indus - try. This allows for some interesting win-win scenarios, whereby we'll be able to create a bridge retirement plan for these owners. For more information, please visit www.homesmart.com. Community and Training Lead to Explosive Growth by Liz Dominguez Matt Side Owner/Sales Manager Realty ONE Group Eclipse Spokane, Wash. www.realtyonegroup.com/realestateagent/matt- side-9908067 Region served: Washington Years in real estate: 9 years li - censed, over 18 in other real estate- related roles Number of offices: 1 Number of agents: 24 Proudest accomplishment: Five years ago, I fell 25 feet at high veloc - ity and crushed my spine. I spent six weeks in the hospital. One year later, I was able to not only walk, but to step onto cross country skis again. I was overwhelmed by a mix of hum - bling gratitude. No. 1 career goal: Being able to help brokers get to where they want to be with their goals. How important is training in imple - menting structure that will ultimately lead to a thriving business? One of the things I'm really passionate about is training and coaching the brokers I interact with. Training is critical, especially with such a huge number of brokers getting into the business. I've observed a lack of education, where brokers don't understand specific nuances of transaction paperwork. Our office created a program that tells brokers how to best structure the contract in a real estate transaction and other nuances to give clients an experi - ence as if they were a practiced broker instead of a rookie. It really makes a difference and is critical to their success whether young or old, in addition to being critical to the success of the brokerage. In what ways does branding play a role in capturing leads and selling homes? The Realty ONE Group brand as an enhancement and a support for the local real estate broker is what makes the difference. If that branding is not accessible and easily applied by the broker in their daily business, it is irrelevant and not helpful. It is one of our great strengths that all of our brokers have access to completed marketing prod - ucts, as well as the base marketing assets that allow them to customize their marketing materials with clean, compelling branding. What are you doing differently that elevates your brokerage above the rest? We're adding value and giving more to our brokers at the same time. There's a gap in the application of training with other brokerages, and that's what we fill. Through our practical training—REALTOR® Life Hack—we boil it down to the top five apps, top five podcasts and other things that will give brokers ideas on how to grow their business. How do you measure success in your business? We all win together at Re- alty ONE Group. We're motivated to help brokers do more transactions, and we're not just a place where brokers hang their license. We're creating a broker experience through our community and culture. Not only is our success tied to that, but also, the success of the brokers in my office. In the end, it's about maintain - ing that community and family feel, whether we're 24 or 100 brokers. For more information, please visit www.realtyonegroup.com.

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