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FEB 2019

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RISMedia's REAL ESTATE February 2019 79 MP: How would you describe the current state of the market, and how do you handle challenges? DM: When new business concepts are introduced in our industry, we can instantly adjust to compete. For example, we consistently analyze the newest technology op - portunities while waiting to see the results that others have first, be - cause oftentimes, the leading-edge idea is improved upon by the fourth or fifth competitor or an upgrade to the original version. We have wait - ed as long as six years for some ideas. We go with the best proven technology. MP: What's the final decision-maker when it comes to new technology, then? DM: It's difficult for our agents to work on business and learn new technology. When we roll something out, we have to know that it works well. Our final decision on bringing in a new technology is whether or not it's going to make the agent's life easier and more profitable. MP: What are you doing differently to stand apart from the competition? DM: We normally do not adver- tise in newspapers or magazines or on the radio or TV, which saves us thousands of dollars, which we then spend to educate our staff and agents. As an independent firm, we also save thousands more in franchise fees, which we use to pay higher salaries and bonuses to our staff, and generous commissions to our agents. MP: What most aracts agents to your firm, and why do they stay? DM: The No. 1 reason is money. Agents earn more money here than even at 100-percent commission firms because of our strong corpo - rate relocation model, which pro- vides them with more actual take- home money. The second reason is our culture. Our highly-paid, full-time staff also averages more than 12 years with Arizona Best Real Estate. Agents stay because they are treated with respect. Quality people enjoy being with other quality people. We hire positive, approachable, honest, professional, quality people and provide them with the money, tools and resources to prosper. We show them the path and they deter - mine how to use the tools that fit their personality. MP: Tell me more about the benefits of being part of LeadingRE. DM: I was first involved in RELO in 1969. Jack Clevenger of Jack Cle - venger Realty and Al Gazley of Ed Post Realty introduced me to RELO and the value of independence. RELO eventually transitioned into LeadingRE, so LeadingRE really has a 50-plus year history; that's why their knowledge of real estate prac - tices is expansive. LeadingRE is an open, friendly community of like-minded people from whom my agents and staff benefit greatly. However, a company must be invited into the LeadingRE network every single year, which keeps participation and standards at the highest level. Membership in LeadingRE is the greatest benefit to the real estate industry in the last 50 years be - cause now a small, quality firm can compete. LeadingRE allows you to get together with brokers who you trust and start sharing business successes, as well as hits and misses. LeadingRE has also provid - ed us with a way to move into tech- nology, because it would be hard for us to keep up on our own. I am also part of LeadingRE's Rainmakers group, a group of bro - kers who meets once or twice a year, and Allison was the 2018 chair of the LeadingRE Relocation Adviso - ry Council, and has also served two terms on the council. Allison and I can both attest to the fact that the No. 1 reason to be part of LeadingRE is the relation - ships you build with other people. Through those relationships, you get access to vision, imagination, thought leadership—an idea that might make sense for your busi - ness. Most importantly, we have made lifelong friends. MP: Finally, David, what's on deck for the future of the firm? DM: Current programs in progress are to double our gross commis - sion income within three to five years. I expect our per-agent pro - ductivity to grow from 750 sides to 1,500 closed transactions a year. I also anticipate our gross profit will quadruple because we already paid for the growth anticipated. Small works for us. RE For more information, please visit www.arizonabest.com. Arizona Best asked its agents what it's like to work at the firm. The above Word Cloud expresses their thoughts. Create one for your firm at WordArt.com.

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