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RISMedia's REAL ESTATE February 2019 59 8 Brand Name Great brand names seem to follow a few different themes, the most prom - inent being the founder's name, such as Ebby Halliday, REALTORS®. Others describe what you do, like Guaran - tee Real Estate, and some describe where you operate, like Georgia Properties. Look at your brand name and make sure you're investing in a brand that has marketability along the lines of one of these themes—or another theme that "speaks" to your audience in a meaningful way. 8 Images A broker's brand has a primary im- age, aka its logo. Your logo is your everything, and the best logos be - come household names. Consider how the logos of Nike, Apple and In - tel inspire confidence, communicate a sense of history, quality and reli - ability and become the cornerstone of a company's identity. Beyond your logo, brokers often use other images, such as an iconic community photo, a corporate office photo or a landscape photo. Be sure to capture the essence of what the image does for your brand. These im - ages can be used for your website, social media pages, or other places where you or your agents use im - ages to depict stability, company his- tory, demographic area and dreams, such as the image of a cabin in the countryside. Remember that selling a home is not just bricks and mortar. A home is the feeling of a warm fire - place looking out over a snowy coun- tryside, the fulfillment of a dream or the accomplishment of an objective. Take care to license these images exclusively, which is critical for copy - right and brand uniqueness. 8 Colors and Fonts Your brand absolutely needs color. Typically, you need three colors that go well together. Color accentuates your website design, yard signs, fly - ers and any other marketing materi- als where you or your agents market the brand. Also, you need to specify the font type, color and size so that agents can have templates easily ac - cessible and ready for deployment at a moment's notice. In today's com - petitive time-to-market environment, it's not acceptable to wait days or even weeks for marketing materials. 8 Marketing System Having your brand properly config- ured and promoted is just the first step. The second step is making sure your agents are proud of your brand, and using it to market them - selves, your firm and listed proper- ties. This takes a marketing system that's preloaded with your branding so that agents can't change it. No matter what an agent needs, the brand is in template format, ready at the click of a button to order busi - ness cards, flyers, yard signs, coffee mugs, etc. Just like Amazon, high- quality marketing materials need to be delivered promptly, efficiently and professionally. We launched our Amarki brand in 2018 after two years of a battle-test - ed beta empowering over 15,000 agents. Our platform enables our clients to get their listings to mar - ket faster, more professionally and with superior quality using one sim - ple interface. We encourage you to visit www.Amarki.com to see how our marketing system will allow your brand to get the love it deserves. Consider the possibilities: your brand, your success and our com - bined automated intelligence. RE Joe Martinez is the chairman and CEO of CREELiT. For more information, please visit www.creelit.com. For the Love of Your Broker Brand Commentary by Joe Martinez V alentine's Day offers up the perfect time of year for brokers to love their brand. Branding is the first impression a company will have on a prospect. A strong brand can exemplify products, mission, policies or services to customers. It provides value, benefits and insight into the soul of a company. It also enables agents to personify the broker brand in all of their marketing and communications. Brand Name Marketing System Colors and Fonts Images

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