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FEB 2019

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RISMedia's REAL ESTATE February 2019 57 No. 1 - Alignment to Our Mission We know that as a strong team of individuals with unique strengths and skillsets, we can work together to succeed if we share a common goal. And that goal is the Realty ONE Group mission: "Opening doors for everyone around the globe who as - pires to do more and be more." It's not just a statement. It's what we do every day. A good sign that your company is aligned with its mission is when employees can communi - cate it, strongly believe in it and the company's values, and know that what they do daily contributes to that mission. No. 2 - An Open Forum for Effectiveness It's important to ensure a safe and stress-free environment for your workforce, but it's equally important to inspire them to bring their best work to the table. To ensure that your department and teams truly collaborate, provide an open forum for your employees to comfortably contribute new ideas. Try and en - courage different points of view for better decision-making by role mod - eling idea generation and adding counter opinions or thoughts to the discussion. You'll be amazed at the new concepts and innovative solu - tions that transpire when depart- ments come together and exchange ideas—and employees feel encour - aged to think differently. No. 3 - Meaning and Appreciation Company culture and employee ap- preciation go hand-in-hand, and most employees—if not all human beings—will respond positively to praise. Employees should feel as if their company is allowing them to use their unique skillset to move their own careers forward, whether within or outside of your organiza - tion. Make sure employees know that their opinions and ideas mat - ter in the decision-making process. Celebrate successes together. En - courage new approaches when you meet challenges. Most employees want not just a job, but a career that gives them a sense of meaning and fulfillment. As long as your employ - ees meet your expectations, your company should, in turn, help them rise to the occasion. No. 4 - Supportive Leadership One of the most important elements that earns you a spot as a Top Work - place is leadership. According to Energage, the company that hosted The Orange County Register's survey, "the manager relationship has a big impact on an employee's perception of their job and company." Managers that express true concern for their employees, both personally and pro - fessionally, will often have a driven, dedicated and appreciative team. This can be difficult when dealing with a fast-paced work environment, but managers who can balance this while helping develop their employ - ees' skills and provide opportunities for growth will have more successful teams. And this makes for a highly desirable workplace. Becoming a Top Workplace is an honor that took a lot of labor, time and effort from everyone within the Realty ONE Group organization. It's humbling to receive such a title, and it's proof that we must be doing something right. As an organization, we're committed to do more and be more, and to continue opening doors for everyone. RE To learn more about Realty ONE Group, named a 2018 Top Workplace by The Orange County Register, visit www.realtyonegroup.com. R ealty ONE Group is honored to have been named a 2018 Top Workplace by The Orange County Register, a Southern California news outlet. But being named a Top Workplace isn't something that happens by accident. It takes commitment, patience and perseverance by both leadership and employees to provide a safe and fun environment that promotes diversity and growth and fosters a culture of respect. Further, at Realty ONE Group, we focus on these four areas of organizational development that helped us land on The Orange County Register's list. What It Takes to Be a Top Workplace by the Experts at Realty ONE Group

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