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FEB 2019

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RISMedia's REAL ESTATE February 2019 55 WSS RealTeams™ is a new system developed by Verl Workman, the CEO and founder of Workman Success Systems and a sought-after real es - tate coach for over 20 years. The program is designed specifically to support and grow teams. Workman has given exclusive pricing to af - filiates of RE/MAX, a brand with over 123,000 agents in over 100 coun - tries and territories worldwide. "Together with RE/MAX, we create a competitive advantage in the mar - ketplace," he says. "By adding Real- Teams™ and the Workman Success Systems training center, RE/MAX now has a full solution for teams." The cornerstone of RealTeams™ is an online portal loaded with Work - man Success Systems' videos and training content. The interface is cus - tomizable and offers tracks designed to train, support and motivate. Com - bined with live courses, this solution provides agents at every level with the ability to grow. Workman says that Workman Success Systems paired with a brand like RE/MAX is a dynamite combination. "When you take the RE/MAX busi - ness model and the RE/MAX culture of productivity and combine that with training solutions and coaching, it's a perfect storm for teams to thrive," says Workman. In 1998, Workman provided tech - nology products, including laptops and agent websites, to the real es - tate industry—something that was technologically forward-thinking at the time. He found that agents in general were reluctant to adopt the new technology, until he started working with RE/MAX affiliates. Soon, he was selling so well to RE/MAX agents and regions across the U.S. that his focus became fulfill - ing orders, rather than selling them. "That is when I first recognized that RE/MAX agents were different. They invest in their businesses; they want to be better than everybody else," says Workman. "They want to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to technology, training and system solutions." So when Workman Success Sys - tems started building a teams prod- uct four years ago, Workman says he had RE/MAX agents in mind. He en - listed them to test his programs and content, and signed on high-produc - ing team leaders as coaching clients and users of RealTeams™. Amy Somerville, RE/MAX senior vice president of Education and Training, learned of Workman Suc - cess Systems through top RE/MAX affiliates who had worked with the company. "I was hearing from several of our top team leaders that Verl had coached them for years," she says. "They told me, 'Our success speaks for itself.'" Somerville booked Workman as a speaker for that year's annual Ul - timate RE/MAX Teams Event, and attendees reported near-immediate success from implementing Work - man's advice. "Workman Success Systems had already started developing Re - alTeams TM , and we dove in," says Somerville. "Some of our largest, most successful brokers and team leaders use RealTeams TM , and the agents love it." To-date, RealTeams™ has hun - dreds of active RE/MAX users en- gaging with one of many customized RE/MAX platforms. Bill Burns, broker/owner of RE/MAX First offices in Jefferson- ville and New Albany, Ind., says that his firms are seeing great success with the RealTeams™ program. "I have an agent who has been in the business for about 12 years who told me, 'This class is what I need - ed. It kicked me in the rear and I have eight pending deals right now,'" says Burns. Workman says the relationship be - tween Workman Success Systems and RE/MAX is an important and unique one in the industry today. "Our two companies together is where highest-producing agents meet the best tools, coaching and training for teams," he says. "Until now, there hasn't been a company that has put all of those things together." RE Mary-Kate Newton is an editor with RE/MAX, LLC. A former newspaper journalist, she enjoys telling the stories of the real estate industry and its top real estate agents. World-Class Teams Training Meets World-Class Agents Workman Success Systems joins forces with RE/MAX Commentary by Mary-Kate Newton W orkman Success Systems has taken a bold step forward to help RE/MAX agents thrive even more as teams.

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