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FEB 2019

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RISMedia's REAL ESTATE February 2019 53 The predictable first step is to put together a letter to announce to the world that you're now a fully avail - able, licensed real estate agent, ready to help with any and all real estate needs. Why not kick that announcement letter up a notch by adding specific value options that may interest the reader? When you're new to the business, you probably don't have any listings, and you most likely lack experience, so your credibility as a "newbie" can be a barrier for even your friends and acquaintances to hire or refer you. Here are a few ideas to help bridge that gap and fast-track your way to being a sales professional: 1. Design your announcement let- ter to show how you can pro- vide value to the recipient. Include information about your new "team" if you're joining an existing team or are being mentored by or shadowing a seasoned agent, manager or com - pany team leader to get you on the fast track. 2. Expand your letter to include specifics that aren't about you, but rather, what you (your company/ team) are working on that has value to the recipient by including specific information. For example, share your plans regarding your commitment to focus on the senior market, first-time buyers or military buyers and sellers, in addition to highlighting your exper - tise on specific property types. 3. Describe what you do and how you do it for that specific vertical. If you plan to help military families, for example, inform your au - dience that you're currently working on getting your Military Relocation Professional (MRP) Certification. The National Association of REALTORS® offers multiple certifications in addi - tional verticals, such as the Seniors Real Estate Specialist® (SRES®) des - ignation, the Accredited Buyer's Rep- resentative (ABR®) designation and the Seller Representative Specialist (SRS) designation. Although your designations may not be locked in at the time of your letter, the fact that you're on your way to specializing in niche areas informs people about your new career, opening the door to specific referrals. 4. Don't stop at one letter an- nouncing your new venture. Plan consistent follow-up messaging and activities with these contacts, such as monthly touches that in - clude invitations to meet-and-greets, client events and community initia - tives you support. Don't assume that people will "remember" that you're in the business. Instead, help them keep you top of mind for their current or future real estate needs. 5. After sending that first an- nouncement, track your touch- es with a good CRM (client relation- ship management) platform to record personal information. When you do your touch calls, confirm and update email addresses, mailing informa - tion, birthdays, anniversaries and the names of children and pets. This will prove valuable in the years ahead to help bridge the gap and position you as a valuable resource and trusted advisor. 6. Design your outreach with the personal touch. Use handwrit - ten notes to connect by scanning the local news channels for announce - ments on births, job changes, pro- motions, awards and recognitions. The highest return on your invest - ment is to target people that already know, like and trust you, as these in - dividuals are most likely to promote you and your services. Keep in touch with this VIP group to get more refer - rals faster. RE Terri Murphy is a communication engagement special- ist, author, speaker, consultant and coach with Work- man Success Systems. She is the author of five books and radio host for KWAMtheVoice.com. For more information, please visit TerriMurphy.com or email Terri@TerriMurphy.com. C ongratulations! The official license with your name on it is now proudly hanging on your office wall. You've passed all the tests and requirements, ordered your business cards, and are now ready for business. 6 Strategies for Jump- Starting Your Career as a New Agent by Terri Murphy

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