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RISMedia's REAL ESTATE January 2019 89 Local Expert by bringing value to folks in a different way. It's a messaging and marketing system that works alongside the lead generation. The folks on realtor.comĀ® are buyers, but many buyers are also sellers. This is a really interesting opportunity to communicate to sellers in that Local Expert space. We're looking to engage in the listing business using that advertis - ing space as a value-add. There's power in telling sellers that their home will be on the front page of all realtor.comĀ® search results in a certain zip code. Do you get your agents involved in determining what creative will work, and what you'll try next? My agents are very involved. Our group is branded as the Agent Collective, and we have a great feedback loop with each other. We have a call every morning where we discuss what's working, what's not working and generate ideas on how we can improve systems and our collective knowledge in real estate. Do you leverage your tech invest - ment to retain your agents? We bring the tech to support the agents in the Collective so they can go out and do what they're good at. Most people in our real estate group are in the foundation stage. We're all about moving our agents through to the momentum stage and then to the leverage stage where they can help other agents and have their own core group. Our goal is to have agents making six- figure incomes. This year, we had our first agent who started out in the foundation stage and met that goal, and 2019 is about duplicating that success. For more information, please visit hub.realtor.com/team. Maintaining Relevance in the Eyes of Buyers and Sellers by John Voket Kathy Laswick Broker Realty ONE Group Scottsdale, Ariz. www.realtyonegroup.com/realestateagent/kathy-laswick-6388351 Region served: Scottsdale/North Scottsdale Years in real estate: 23 Number of offices: 1 Number of agents: 312 Best recruiting tip: Be real and care about your real estate professionals' needs. What are the most exciting/effective tech tools Realty ONE Group provides your team? One of my favorites is MoveEasy, which helps team members stay in touch with their database with minimal effort. It also helps clients keep track of things like utility transfers, change of address and car registrations. In addition, MoveEasy provides the agent a vendor list that can be modified to include preferred service providers. When their vendor is used, the agent is notified, providing an opportunity to reach out to their client. Videolicious is another easy-to-use tool that produces branded videos agents can share via social media or text directly to clients. Why is it important to keep your brokers involved in agent training and support? Agents who don't have that support often find this business to be overwhelm - ing. Without broker support, they're burdened with finding their own way, which can cost them or their clients money. A lot of agents undervalue their broker because they haven't had one who is responsive to their questions or needs. Our industry is constantly changing, and Realty ONE Group has a team of bro - kers who take advantage of educational opportunities. They then share that new information with each other and relay it to our agents so they can advance their business and marketing practices. Can you explain the new Realty ONE Veterans initiative, and why it's particularly important to you? Vets can now join Realty ONE Group with no sign-on fees. This is a huge giveback to veterans who have sacrificed a part of their life to protect and serve this country. My husband, Cole, made that sacrifice, and I'll always re - spect him and all vets. Most of us will never know the toll their service has taken on each and every veteran of this country. The fact that all gave some part of themselves while some gave everything should never be forgotten or overlooked. How do you apply your hobby as a photographer when helping your agents with their marketing? Good photos not only involve balance, impact and beauty, but they also provoke a reaction, and I believe good marketing is similar. Using my experience in photography, I can suggest ideas that help agents put out a more power - ful piece of advertising. I'm always encouraging agents to shoot and post images to their social media. I want to see people, friends and places that people visit, and I think potential clients do, as well. For more information, please visit www.realtyonegroup.com.

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