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JAN 2019

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RISMedia's REAL ESTATE January 2019 87 MP: B esides your training program, how else do you help your agents succeed? AL: Where do I even start? There's a lot! We pride ourselves on offering agents an array of products, ser - vices and tools to help them grow their businesses. MP: Can you expand on each in more detail? AL: Sure. When I say products, I mean all different kinds of leads, from the typical online buyer leads to relocation leads, to leads gener - ated from our TV advertising, and more. Lead products are usually more appealing to newer agents, but not always. For example, reloca - tion clients require, and are usual- ly more appealing to, more experi- enced agents. We've really focused on growing our menu of services over the last two years. These are mostly for agents who are doing more busi - ness and need the help to stay caught up and get ahead. We of - fer Listing and Buyer Assistance, where an administrative assistant works with an agent throughout the sales process. We also offer Prelist Services, where we handle pictures, floor plans, hanging of the sign and lockbox, sending out Just Listed postcards, creating brochures, and more. Our Showing Partners program, which was cus - tom-built on our CRM, is much like Uber, where agents request cov - erage on a showing appointment or home inspection and another agent can claim it and get paid to do it. More recently, we began offer - ing Marketing Services, where we handle social media and mailing campaigns on behalf of the agents who opted in for it. None of this is free, but nothing good is ever free. The tools we offer mostly involve technology, like our custom-built CRM and several other solutions that our agents love. MP: So, you're really seing agents up for success... AL: Exactly. An agent who joins our firm will, on average, increase their income by 318 percent in their first 12 months compared to their pri - or 12 months at a previous firm. Newer agents are more attracted to leads and training; more experi - enced agents are attracted to ser- vices and how we can help better their business so they can have more personal time, which they val - ue most; and we really work hard to help them achieve that. MP: What role does your leadership team play in your agents' success? AL: I have the best leadership team in the business, period. Almost all of them have sold a significant amount of homes. Many were my stars when we were a team model years ago. They're determined to make sure we're the best there is, and they're the true reason we are. They're also always in touch with our agents to support them at a level that doesn't exist at other companies. Our top agents recognize this, and many of them have also become leaders in the company, which is very helpful to me—and I appreciate them for it. MP: How would you describe your leadership philosophy? AL: My leadership philosophy is to lead by example. I work hard and make things happen, and they fol - low suit. I do all I can to support them so that they can support our staff and agents. They're all dedicat - ed to making sure we're better than our competition, because we have to be. We're always working hard to make our agents' lives easier, and we do that by providing unique prod - ucts, services and tools that others don't and can't. It's a lot of work to provide all that, but it's necessary because we're going head-to-head with some very worthy competition. MP: What are some of your most in- novative marketing strategies? How are they helping you connect with consumers? AL: We're big believers in social me- dia, both Lamacchia Realty for buy- ers and sellers, and Crush It in Real Estate for REALTORS®. We put out tons of content, which has been a big part of our success. I do a signif - icant amount of video content and blogging myself. If you educate buy - ers, sellers and REALTORS®, they'll be attracted to you. MP: How do you stay ahead of the curve on technology? AL: We built our own custom CRM on the Salesforce platform and it does everything for agents. It cre - ates plans, triggers automated re- minders and emails...things you'd never think about needing or want - ing until you start using it. It helps make our agents, staff and man - agement team more efficient and productive, and they can all conve - niently access it anywhere through a mobile app. MP: What's on deck for the future of the firm? AL: Big things. We'll build an empire. I guarantee it. RE For more information, please visit www.lamacchiarealty.com or www.CrushItInRE.com. "An agent who joins our firm will, on average, increase their income by 318 percent in their first 12 months compared to their prior 12 months at a previous firm." - ANTHONY LAMACCHIA Broker/Owner, CEO Lamacchia Realty

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