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JAN 2019

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RISMedia's REAL ESTATE January 2019 55 This may sound like an odd tale com- ing from a company that delivers marketing automation software, but the truth is that marketing solutions today support all types of advertis - ing, which are composed of print and digital. As brokers set their market - ing goals for 2019, it's a wise prac- tice to investigate your marketing so- lutions provider as your firm sets its marketing strategy for the new year. One of the biggest trends reported by brokers in 2017 and 2018 cen - ters around the fact that marketing automation is a "must have" for any brokerage. Even today, the consen - sus is that marketing automation starts when an agent walks into the office with a listing agreement and the marketing department takes it from there. Both the recession and competitive pressures have forced brokers to cut marketing staff to sur - vive, and firms have been looking at marketing automation to fill the void. Today, a lot of that repetitive manual labor historically borne by the marketing department is being addressed by emerging technolo - gies such as machine-to-machine learning, artificial intelligence and other platforms that make property marketing easier. Historically, once an agent gets a listing, it might take days (if not weeks) to prepare all of the collateral to start the market - ing process—all predicated on the capacity of the marketing depart - ment, quality of the marketing tools available to them, and if printing is necessary, the location of the printer and quality of the operation. When a listing is created, computers, tab - lets and software enhance the work of graphic designers that the firm has on staff by allowing them to be more creative, leaving the mundane, repetitive processes to the software platform. Many of the leading providers of marketing automation software will create just about any type of mar - keting collateral imaginable by us- ing a data feed. Within a matter of minutes of a new listing being added into the MLS database or the bro - ker's database, the agent receives an email with links to Just Listed postcards, open house announce - ments, single-listing websites, prop- erty flyers, virtual tours, sign riders, social media, etc., for review and approval. With some platforms, this approval can be executed from a traditional computer, but more likely from mobile devices such as tablets or cellphones. This is a tremendous advantage for owners of brokerages since they can enable marketing through inexpensive software in a matter of minutes versus weeks, and encourage agents to use and pay for what they need to do their job without a lot of involvement from the marketing department. Today's solutions make ordering marketing collateral, such as busi - ness cards, T-shirts, yard signs and coffee mugs, as easy as ordering products from Amazon. True marketing automation plat - forms not only make life easier for agents, but properly using them can also empower them to become more self-reliant and profitable. As you budget for 2019, consider solutions that optimize your performance. RE Joe Martinez is the chairman and CEO of CREELiT. For more information, please visit www.creelit.com. Broker Marketing in the New Year Commentary by Joe Martinez I t wasn't long ago that the highest expense a real estate brokerage operation incurred was newspaper marketing. Today, regardless of how you feel about the way in which large portals have inserted themselves between your firm, your agents and the consumer, you can at least thank them for reducing your marketing expenses in print.

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