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DEC 2018

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the agent they ultimately work with. "We know that the system works, and that makes it possible for us to focus on the business at home," adds Zavala. "In fact, we just had a referral close that we sub - mitted in 2015." The process works well no matter the size of the real estate firm, says Cornelius Jackson, president and CEO of CLJ Realty, Inc., a small team of REO specialists serv - ing all of Southern California. "Working with ReferralEx- change allows me to compete with big brokerages all across the nation easily and efficiently," says Jackson. "I had one client in Alabama, a former coworker and a first-time buyer, who was being transferred to Chicago and wanted to buy a home there," says Jackson. "Here I was, halfway across the country, but a ReferralExchange agent in Chicago managed the transaction and kept me updated at every point along the way—and I got my com - mission when they closed." "It's the best system I know for increasing your busi - ness outside of your geographical area," says Patterson. "It's a win-win for everyone, and we're well paid for our effort." Like Jackson, Patterson values the fact that his Re - ferralExchange association puts his company on the na- tional stage. "I can truthfully tell my clients that I can help them with their real estate needs anywhere in the country. And I can be very certain that they'll be happy with the perfor - mance of the ReferralExchange agent on the other end," says Patterson, who appreciates the ease of using the platform. "It's a real work-saver," adds Patterson. "I input the information and, with one click, I know they'll take it from there." Here are their tips for doing more outbound referrals: 1. Look for opportunities to refer. Zavala says that their most recent closing was the friend of the daughter of someone who worked in their office. 2. Always ask your relocating buyers or sellers if they need an agent wherever they're moving to/from. 3. Focus on the local business that makes sense for you to work and refer out the rest. 4. Let everyone know that you have access to a nation - wide network of top agents who can help them. RE ReferralExchange, which began connecting real estate professionals and clients in 2005, currently has more than 24,000 agents on board nationwide, and helped connect over 250,000 agents and clients in 2018. For more information, please visit www.referralexchange.com. HELP YOUR AGENTS BUILD THEIR BUSINESSES WITH THE ONLINE www.store.realtor GET 20% OFF to receive 20% off your next purchase! USE DISCOUNT CODE SHOPRIS From sales and marketing to legal resources, research and more, the REALTOR ® STORE has you and your agents covered!

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