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DEC 2018

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RISMedia's REAL ESTATE December 2018 123 er words, providing a platform that gives agents the freedom to maxi - mize their careers and also provide them with world-class support, in - cluding an attorney on payroll, a man- agement team and a transaction and listing coordinator all wrapped up in a true, global brand with the highest productivity per agent. MP: So, I guess it's easy to see why agents join your firm...and why they stay! JOB: If you put a sign out in front of a store that says Mercedes or Cartier, people are naturally attract - ed to look inside. That sign for us is RE/MAX. But it's super important that once they're inside, they're cared for in a way they felt wasn't even possible. The fundamental thing you need is a willingness to care for others—then you can teach them the skills. We've also done an incredible job of making sure we de - liver hospitality for agents, and that agents deliver that hospitality for clients once they come through the front door. MP: Please describe your firm's cul- ture and leadership philosophy. JOB: The two most overused words in this business right now are disrup - tion and culture. We have a trade- marked saying for our firm: "Gold Na- tion—Not a Culture, a Community." Covering as much of California as we do, to say we're going to build a single culture and create compliance with that culture is overreaching and disrespectful. The diversity we cover can't be homogenized. What you can do is celebrate the culture of each branch, and then tie them into the community. MP: What is your approach to coach- ing and training? KA: We employ the most produc- tive agents in the marketplace who already have a great foundation through RE/MAX University, so we focus on helping bring agents to the next level by collaborating on best practices in small, medium and large group settings. We host MEC—Mo - tivate, Educate, Collaborate—events that are led by leadership experts. Many companies rely on peers teaching peers, but we focus on uti - lizing subject matter experts. KM: We have a different agent mix than many companies, and we take on some brand-new people. We have a training director who teaches class - es every Monday morning in our train- ing facility, and they run the gamut from new agent topics to material for more experienced agents. We also have two sales meetings per month per office, which I use as an opportu - nity to coach and speak on business development topics. I'm constantly learning from all the success stories around me and sharing that with oth - ers. I also encourage agents to look at outside trainers—there are a lot of good ones out there. MP: What are some of your most in- novative marketing strategies? KA: We look at marketing as a part- nership with agents. They look to us for help with systems, but they don't look to us to keep the relationship with their customers. They want the autonomy to keep that relationship the way they want to. With our eight- point exclusive marketing system, we offer an approach that helps at - tract new consumers, and, at the same time, reiterates your strength in the marketplace to existing con - sumers. We believe that disruption is not an excuse to have to change everything, but the way the consum - er wants to be communicated with is changing. The agent who adopts technology will have the best oppor - tunity to communicate with all gener- ations, from aging baby boomers to new college graduates. KM: Yes, we have to reach the con- sumer in the way they want to be reached, so we use all modalities, including good, old-fashioned pick - ing up the phone. We have to deliv- er a message to the consumer that shows that we're trying to provide value and that gives them added reasons why they would benefit from working with us. MP: What are your goals looking forward? JOB: The future of our organization is to be of greater service to the community both in the brokerage business and beyond. In 2017, we donated over $200,000 to the Chil - dren's Miracle Network. In 2018, we're looking at a quarter of a million dollars. This is compounded by our individual efforts, whether it's with the American Red Cross or toward cancer research. Along with philan - thropic service will be even more robust service to our agent popula - tion, so they can win business and take extraordinary care of their cli - ents. The sum of all that results in RE/MAX Gold and RE/MAX Olson. We're covering more of California based on our victories in service. That's what's moving us toward our goal of $12 billion in business done by 2,400 happy members of our agent community. My crystal ball has 20/20 clarity; that's what I see. RE For more information, please visit www.remaxgold.com and www.olsonmax.com.

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