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DEC 2018

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122 December 2018 RISMedia's REAL ESTATE ceed, and then we succeed through them. That's why our agent produc - tivity is consistently higher. We have virtually no non-productive agents. Our expectation in the near term, combining the Northern and South - ern firms, is to reach $8 billion in volume. In 24 months, we expect the combined companies to reach $12 billion. MP: What role has the RE/MAX brand played in your success? JOB: In the early '90s, I owned a couple of boutique real estate bro - kerages, and it annoyed me that our agents kept getting beaten at listing presentations by agents who worked at branded companies. I was attracted to RE/MAX 25 years ago, and I continue to be. Their mod - el allowed me to have a vision with scale. The vision I had as a young man was not scalable. I needed two things to achieve my vision: a brand that people recognized and trusted; and to be surrounded by extraordi - nary people. I thought the RE/MAX brand could help with both, and it has. And this chapter of the firm's growth is the ultimate demonstra - tion of that concept; I'm surrounded by extraordinary people internally and extraordinary people like Keith and his team in Southern California. MP: How would you describe the current state of the market? What are the greatest challenges and opportunities? KM: I would say we're in a period of pause and reflect. The number of sales has slowed down and pric - es touched down a few percentage points over the past 4-6 months (at press time), which is probably the best thing that could happen. As we navigate through here with a real robust economy, it's healthy that the market is doing what it is. This isn't like the run-up to 2004 - 2005; quality mortgages are being given to borrowers that qualify. The increasing growth of millennials and Generation Z is creating a demand for housing; even if it's later than sooner, they will come. We have to keep agents focused, but ener - gized, and give them new and bet- ter ways to compete. During these times, consumers really can't take a chance on working with a random agent—they need an agent backed by a global, credible brand. Keith Ard: In Northern California, the market is slowing down a bit. This is creating an opportunity for us to meet with a number of folks. The window is closing on sellers be - ing able to look forward to multiple offers, so many agents who chose a non-branded or small boutique environment can no longer compete with the exposure a brand and Cal - ifornia's No. 1 brokerage can offer. As the market adjusts, we're finding that agents are calling us because they need more in their toolbelt. JOB: Even though we're seeing a slowing in the organic part of the market, we're on the cusp of an in - credible opportunity to take market- share from companies that deliver less brand and less service to their agents. MP: How are you helping agents com- pete and succeed in an increasingly congested marketplace? KA: We looked at a marketplace that has a lot of competitors and new of - ferings. We thought it was important to streamline a system to help asso - ciates better understand how to nav- igate the noisy and complex market. We created an exclusive consumer marketing platform that includes the internal resources we've had access to for many years through RE/MAX. We also went out to the market and found strategic alliances, such as Fusion Growth Partners, for agents who want to take their business to the next level. Our offering includes traditional marketing resources, connectivity to consumers through remax.com, lead generation through LeadStreet, partnerships through Of - frs and Adwerx who generate AI and predictive analytics, and a product called FrontPorch for agent social media connectivity. KM: From a 40,000-foot level, I'm particularly excited about Fusion. We've always been an early inno - vator and are all about creating "real estate for grown-ups;" in oth - (Left) RE/MAX Olson Leadership Team (left to right): Alex Aguilar, Vice President of Recruiting; Barbara Zieger, Controller; Stacy McKinley, Director of Operations; Patti Petralia, Senior Vice President; and Michael Kale, General Counsel (Right) Executive Vice Presidents Tim Yee and Keith Ard

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